15Five Releases- March 9, 2021

Brace yourself for today's releases—there are a handful of them, most centered around Engagement+. Here we go!

Engagement+ results updates

Engagement+ overall score

Starting today for Plus customers, each Engagement+ survey will have an overall engagement score. This score in an average of all theme scores and gives you a high level overview of engagement for the given survey. There are always at least seven themes included in this score: Energy, Inspiration , Meaningful Work, Strengths, Values, Passion, and Outcomes. Depending on the template used, there may be work need themes included in the score also. For more information on themes and work needs, see this article


Participation rates

Now included on the 'Summary' and 'Comparison' tabs is a Participation column that shows what percentage of people in the group, group type, hierarchy, etc have submitted their surveys. Participation can be a very telling factor to the results of your engagement survey. For example, "As an HR leader or Executive, I’d love to see at a glance which departments have low participation rate so I can take action."

'Themes' tab 

The 'Themes' tab is your hub for all themes and questions that were covered in the Engagement+ survey. You can filter using the 'People' filter, combined with the view by themes or by questions options to better understand how people answered questions pertaining to various topics. The options to view the specific question details and theme details still exist on this tab.


'Comparison' tab

The 'Comparison' tab gives account administrators and managers insight into the engagement scores for various subsets of people and the participation rates for those subsets as well. This is a new tab that is designed to help you better understand how each engaged each group, group type, hierarchy, etc is, as well as their participation rates.



Engagement+ confidentiality threshold

There is a new Engagement+ setting in town. From your 'Manage features' page, you can change an Engagement+ setting that controls the confidentiality threshold for surveys. This threshold determines how many surveys must be submitted before results will appear, which is extremely helpful for companies who may not have 5 people in each group or companies who want more confidentiality—meaning a higher threshold. The default threshold is 5, but you can update it to be any number from 3 to 10. Keep psychological safety in mind as you set the confidentiality threshold.


New Engagement+ Fundamentals question template

The new and improved Engagement+ Fundamentals template is the quickest way to measure engagement at your organization. This lightweight template measures the extent to which your people are able to leverage their highest strengths, values, and passions, which is the best way to understand engagement, as they lead to energy, inspiration, and meaningful work. This template works great for those who want a quick baseline measure of engagement in their organization. It includes 40 questions and usually takes about 4 minutes to complete. You will get insights on engagement and how supported people feel regarding intrinsic motivation, security, and growth.

But wait... there's more.


Reporting includes private objectives

Private objectives now are included in the Ownership statistics on the Objectives dashboard, which allows account administrators and managers to truly understand who doesn't own any objectives—private or public. The private objectives themselves will not be visible, but they will be counted in the dashboard and reports. No more unaccounted for private objectives. 


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