15Five Releases- February 25, 2021

One manager, two manager, three manager, four. Well, kinda... For today's release, allow us to introduce a new role in Best-Self Review®—additional manager.

Additional managers for Best-Self Review®

Let's say there was a recent manager change and the new manager needs visibility into past review cycles. Or maybe someone participating in a cycle has a dotted line manager that should also be able to access reviews. These are a couple examples of where our newest release will come in handy!

Additional managers are people who have permission to view review results for a participant that is not necessarily their direct report; additional manager meaning in addition to the person's current manager in the review cycle. Additional managers can also view private manager assessment results and summary notes. Though this is currently a read-only role, we hope to open up write access in the future.

Account administrators can add one additional manager to past, current, and future cycles within the person's account settings or review admins can add multiple additional managers for a specific cycle by editing the individual's settings (shown below).


Once an additional manager has been added for a participant, review admins will see the additional manager noted on the cycle overview page and the additional manager will have immediate access to view all submitted reviews for the participant. 


That's all for now. Time to loop those additional managers into important review conversations!

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