15Five Releases- March 11, 2021

What a day! Why, you ask? Because there is now no maximum (or minimum) number of competencies that can be included in a review cycle. Keep reading for more information.

Increasing competencies (and removing limits)

Review administrators—you can now include as many competencies in a Best-Self Review® question template as you'd like. As many group competencies as you'd like. As many competencies for all participants as you'd like. In addition to removing the upper limit of nine, we have also removed the lower limit of three. Now there can be participants with zero, one, or two competencies, and there can be participants with 14 competencies, all in the same cycle. Check it out below—that's a lot of competencies!




If there are less than three or more than nine competencies in a review cycle, the competency radial graph on the Team's/Company's results page will not generate. The radial graph not generating is temporary while we work to improve not only the radial graph, but the distribution chart and reporting on competencies. We plan to release the new radial, distribution, and reporting for competencies within the next month. That means, by the time your new review cycle is complete, results reporting on competencies should be ready to roll. In the meantime, use the distribution chart and CSV options. 

But wait, there's more... In addition to removing the limits, we are adding label descriptions to competencies that can help bring more consistency in how managers are interpreting the scales, leading to less subjectivity in assessments. Now you have the competency name, competency description, label names for the opinion scale, AND descriptions for each of those label names, all available while adding a competency. “Always demonstrates” is no longer open for interpretation—your people are now using the same definition. 



For more information on adding competencies, see these articles:

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