15Five Releases- March 18, 2021

Coming to you live from 15Five to announce a new Best-Self Review® transparency setting—Hide peer and/or upward reviews!

Hide peer and/or upward reviews

We understand that, for various reasons, your company may not be ready to receive peer and upward feedback verbatim. Maybe your people need more training on how to give effective feedback, but you're ready to use Best-Self Review®. It could be that your company's standard procedure around performance reviews is to have managers summarize all feedback instead of sharing directly with the participant. These are a couple cases where hiding peer and/or upward reviews will come in handy. 

From the global Best-Self Review settings page, there are two new settings: 'Peer review transparency' and 'Upward review transparency'. These settings cover both whether answers are shared or hidden AND peer/upward identities. This bulk setting must be enabled before the review is started. It is important to note that if peer or upward reviews are hidden in the settings, all peer or upward reviews will be hidden for all cycle participants. If you would rather peer and upward feedback on a case by case basis, we have a setting that allows one-off answer removal. 


What does hiding mean exactly? Hiding peer and/or upward reviews means that the participant will never see the verbatim review answers from their peers or direct reports. However, it is strongly recommended that managers include this peer and upward feedback in their summaries to ensure the context and feedback is a part of the development conversation. The summary should be used to increase fairness and psych safety around performance reviews. The below screenshot is from a manager's point of view while viewing peer reviews for their direct report.


Although the participant will never see the verbatim answers, managers, the hierarchy (if applicable), cycle collaborators (if applicable) and review administrators will still be able to view the reviews. The below screenshot is from a participant's point of view while viewing peer reviews that others wrote about them. 


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