15Five Releases- March 25, 2021

A couple days later and we have a couple more releases to share with you! These two releases are centered around making ending 1-on-1s easier, with or without a scheduled date. 

Improvement to the end 1-on-1 process

We want to make it easier for you to end all of your 1-on-1s. Today's release allows you to end and schedule a 1-on-1 in one step. From any current 1-on-1, click on the 'End 1-on-1' button to set or change a scheduled date (if needed) and then end the 1-on-1. The end 1-on-1 window gives you the option to set a "happened on" date, even if the 1-on-1 was held a week or two ago. If the 1-on-1 has a scheduled date already, you can update or disregard the 'This 1-on-1 happened on' field. 

Adding this extra pop-up window should help to eliminate the accidental ending of 1-on-1s. But even if you end the 1-on-1 before finishing up the shared notes...

Edit shared notes in ended 1-on-1s

In addition to the new End 1-on-1 flow, we now allow editing of shared notes—even for ended 1-on-1s. You no longer need to re-open a 1-on-1 agenda in order to update the shared notes. If your manager ends the 1-on-1 before you have your shared notes added, no sweat. Adding shared notes is always a thing.

For more information on today's releases, see this article:

End a 1-on-1

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