15Five Releases- April 6, 2021

We heard you wanted to #hashtag company values in your High Fives. Heard. Noted. Here. #givemorehighfives 

Company values in High Fives

Giving praise & recognition is crucial for building a great culture. Starting today, you can be extra intentional about recognizing culture champions by hash-tagging company values in High Fives. Wait, there's more. Not only can you hashtag company values in High Fives, but you can filter by company value and see trending company values on the High Five dashboard.


Once an account administrator enables the 'Hashtags' option on the High Five settings page and checks over the company values for accuracy (or adds them for the first time), everyone can give High Fives with #companyvalues from both the Check-in and the High Fives dashboard. It's High Five time!

For more information on today's release, see these articles:

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