15Five Releases- April 27, 2021

New navigation, snazzy new colors, fonts, and logo, AND more 1-on-1s enhancements—it's like winning the lottery! Check out today's releases below. 

New navigation and branding

Here are the important details that you need to know to educate yourself (and your teams) regarding the new navigation changes.

1. Primary navigation

The updated left-hand navigation now exposes all 15Five features to the top-level meaning your tools are easier to access from anywhere within 15Five.

Three cheers for one click! Where you go from there is up to you.

2. Secondary navigation

Items that were previously hidden within the secondary menu dropdowns are now exposed within each feature as individual tabs. 

So when you click on Check-ins, you'll be taken to a page with options My Check-ins, Team's Check-ins*, Everyone's Check-ins*, Follow ups, and Check-in questions*. *Options are conditional based on role. 

3. Settings menu

The updated Settings menu makes it easy to find your own account settings, company settings and 15Five resources.

We will no longer have Settings as a feature in the left navigation. (Using 15Five on the left. Managing 15Five account on the right.)

Rich text editing for 1-on-1s

The ability to bold, underline, italicize, create lists, etc your talking points, action items, and notes— everyone loves a little organization with their collaboration! 

With this 1-on-1s enhancement, all of your 1-on-1s fields can be more organized and emphasized accordingly. When adding talking points, action items, and notes, you will see the rich text options appear. Not only that, but remember, talking points and action items are now updated in real time. So the other person will see the same formatting as you right away.


Bulk add talking points for my team

We recently released the ability to bulk add talking points, meaning adding multiple talking points to multiple people's 1-on-1s in just a few steps. Today we're following that up by allowing you to add a talking point to all of your 1-on-1s with your direct reports without having to individually add each of their names in the field. Add your talking points, then choose All of my direct reports and be on your way! 


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