15Five Releases- April 22, 2021

Understanding performance is important. Understanding engagement is also important. Put the two together, and you're now looking at some key information to help you take action on both topics! Today's release provides you an understanding of Engagement+ and Best-Self Review® results in one visual. 

People insights

A shiny, new visualization tool that allows you to compare performance and engagement... Comin' right up. 15Five’s People Insights is a flexible visualization tool that provides HR leaders and executives with actionable data insights that can inform them on how to build, grow and maintain high performing, highly engaged teams. By leveraging answers from the Private Management Assessment (PMA) and Engagement+ themes/questions/overall scores, leaders can understand the performance and engagement distribution of their teams. 

Some questions around this topic that may have floated through your mind: Are our high performers also highly engaged? How can we spot trends in low engagement for high performers? Is it possible to predict future performance based on engagement trends? We think People insights is key to getting you spotting correlations and answering these questions.

In app, account administrators can click on Reporting from the left navigation and then 'People insights'. Once on the 'People insights' page, you can select the Performance question (even custom questions) and Engagement metric you want to be included in your insights visualization. After making your selections, the visual will populate showing you an overall comparison, followed by a group breakdown.


The 'View by' filter is going to be helpful when you want to view by Hierarchies or Group types. Last but not least, we have a download option that allows you to further slice and dice the data. 

Use cases for People insights:

  • Easily visualize the performance level ratings of employees in your company, departments, and groups and see how it compares to corresponding engagement level
  • Identify who your top performers are and who your low performers are. Then compare that to their engagement levels.
  • HR leaders and managers: Easily display and report the results to C-level SLT members
  • Compare data such as performance and engagement (and eventually usage data) to gain insights that help you understand the “why” behind employee performance and engagement.
  • Be proactive in designing and implementing initiatives geared towards career development, employee engagement, retention and more.
  • Identify employees to participate in additional company initiatives.
    • Ex: Leverage high performers for training
    • Ex: Leverage highly engaged employees for onboarding

The ultimate goal of People insights is to show a correlation between engagement and performance using our strengths-based definition of engagement and a more fair and objective assessment of performance. 

Time to gather those insights!

Check out this article for more information on today's release:

Report on People insights

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