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Best-Self Review® provides insight into people's performance and promotion data. Engagement+ provides insight into how engaged people are feeling across multiple themes and questions. There are other features in 15Five that also play into the larger theme of Performance Measurements, but these two are the most influential. Knowing that, we created People insights reporting that allows you to compare Private Manager Assessment questions with Engagement+ questions or themes for various subsets of people. It gives you a visualization of performance and engagement distribution.

Use cases for People insights:

  • Learn how employees are performing across groups compared to how engaged employees are across groups
  • Identify training opportunities for teams or groups
  • Identify resourcing areas
    • If it is shown that higher engagement does create higher performance, you may want to increase funding towards things that will boost engagement.
  • Identify strength or weakness within groups across the entire company and set a company benchmark 
    • Trends over time reporting if insights are pulled regularly
  • Learn how a manager’s team is performing compared to their engagement score

Permissions for People insights

The People insights option in the left navigation appears for both account administrators and managers. 

Permissions for People insights data mirrors what exists for Engagement+ surveys. Account administrators will always have access. Managers will have access if the 'admin and manager' option was selected when the survey was created. Also, managers will only be able to see the People insights results for their team or hierarchy only. 

When it comes to Private Manager Assessment questions, managers who have visibility into Private Manager Assessment questions will be able to pull insights. If hierarchy view is set for the cycle, the employee's entire hierarchy will be able to see and report on those questions in People insights. 

Run a People insights report

1. Click on Reporting from the left navigation.


2. Click on 'People insights'.


3. Choose the Best-Self Review® cycle that you want to pull a Private Manager Assessment question from.


4. Next, select the Private Manager Assessment question that you want included. Custom Private Manager Assessment questions will appear as options here.


5. Choose the Engagement+ survey that you want to pull a question/theme/score from.


6. Select the question/theme/score. 


7. Wha-lah! Information based on your Best-Self Review® and Engagement+ metric will populate. Notice that some information in the chart is not populated—specifically for managers with fewer employees than the confidentiality threshold for Engagement+. For example: If your confidentiality threshold is 5 and Leah only has 2 employees, the results for Leah's direct reports will not appear. 


8. There are overall company stats listed first. It is important to note that "Company" in People insights contains people who were both included in the selected review cycle and included in the selected survey.


In this case, since we filtered by the Private Manager Assessment question "Risk of low performance", our Performance bar is displaying the average score from that question. The low performance question is a Yes/No question. No= 0 on the scale and Yes=1 on the scale. You can look at this example as "80% of the 17 employees included in the results are at risk of low performance".




Pay attention to the answer options for the Private Manager Assessment question you chose. The Performance score will mean different things depending on the answer options (Yes/No, opinion scale, etc) and how the question is phrased. Ultimately, don't always take .8 as being a good thing or .2 as always being a bad thing. 

Additionally, we want to see the engagement scores for the "Doing my best work" questions for these 17 employees. Is the average score for these questions also low—meaning at risk for low performance AND low engagement around doing their best work? If so, we could be onto something. In this case, these 17 employees had an engagement score of 66.4 out of 100 for all questions included in the "best work" theme.


 9. Take things a step further by using the 'View by' filter to view by Hierarchies or Group types. 


10. When you have the correct metrics and filters in place, download your People insights report to further analyze the data. 


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