Role-based permissions in 15Five

Not all 15Five roles have the same permissions when it comes to settings. Some roles have default permissions that cannot be changed, while other permissions can be managed based on feature. To give you an idea of who can do and see what in 15Five, permissions for each role are listed below. 



15Five account administrators cannot see all people's Check-ins by default- only global viewers have this ability. Reach out to our Support Team to make someone a global viewer.

Reporters/Direct reports: Can manage their own profile and pull custom reports based on hierarchy and follow settings.

Reviewers/Managers: Can create/modify individual questions for their direct reports, manage their direct reports' Check-in due dates and people's profiles, and pull custom reports based on hierarchy and follow settings.

Group administrators: Can add group-specific questions and change visibility settings within their group. Only managers or account administrators can be appointed as group administrators. 
Success Center article 🗒: Change a group admin

Review administrators: Can create/manage review cycles and question templates, as well as view answers on all submitted reviews. Review administrators may or may not be able to see the identity of various review writers, depending on the visibility settings for the cycle.
Only account administrators can be added as review administrators. There can be multiple review administrators.
Success Center article 🗒: Manage review admin

Billing administrators: Can manage account billing preferences and plans, view past invoices, and designate a company's billing contact. Billing administrators do not have any other account administrator permissions. 
Success Center article 🗒: Manage 15Five billing admins

Account administrators: Can manage billing information, create/modify questions company-wide, and manage people, including editing people's Check-in due dates and profiles and reactivating/deactivating people. They can also pull custom reports based on hierarchy and follow settings, and edit group settings. There can be multiple account administrators within a company.
Click here for a list of your company's current account admins. 
Success Center article 🗒: Manage 15Five account admins

Global viewers: Can see the Check-ins of every individual within their company, as well as pull all company data in custom reports and view all dashboard metrics. Global viewers cannot see people's 1-on-1s or any item marked as private (for example, private objectives, private 15Five answers, or private comments).
The "global viewer" permission is typically reserved for HR teams, co-leaders, and administrators. There can be multiple global viewers in a company.
Click here for a list of your company's current global viewers, or contact our Support Team to make someone a global viewer.

Account owners: Can run a report containing ALL questions and answers for everyone who has been active or is currently active in 15Five. There can be more than one account owner.
To see who your current account owner is, add an account owner, or change an account owner, please contact our Support Team. 

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