15Five Releases- May 6, 2021

A new navigation. A new logo. An acquisition. How do we follow all of that up? With a spectacular Best-Self Review® release, of course.

Increasing competencies pt II

Last month we released Increasing competencies pt I which allowed for an unlimited number of competencies per cycle, removed the lower limit of 3 competencies per participant (participants can have 0 competencies now), and ultimately gave review administrators the ability to include all people and all competencies for all roles in one review cycle.

In part two of this release, we have revamped the My/Team's/Company's results pages including new and improved distribution charts and downloads. Part two is good. Keep reading to learn about what has changed and why you should care.

Updates to 'My results' page 

All review cycle participants will have a 'My results' page with information about their own review results, including a summary and a tab to house questions and answers from submitted reviews. Now on the 'My results' page, there is an updated Competency assessment tab. This tab has a new design, a new distribution grid, and still has the radial graph option.

  • Starting with the Top competencies and Top opportunities, participants can get a quick understanding of the competencies they scored the highest on and competencies that could use a little work. These "top" competency boxes are based on average scores from their submitted reviews.
  • Use the distribution grid to see how you, your manager, and your peers (if applicable) answered each competency question for you. Each answer from each review will have its own square on the grid. 


  • View by top competencies to see which competencies you scored the highest in or view by top opportunities to see where you could use some work. The answer options go from lowest on the left to highest on the right and follow the opinion scale options put in place by review admins before the cycle began.
  • Hover over columns, cells, or text to get a tip on what's being displayed. 


  • If you want to dig into a specific competency and all answers, scroll down and click the 'X answers' link below any competency.
  • Don't forget—you can switch to radial view to see another visual representation of how you, your manager, and your peers answered competency questions. Hopefully the radial graph shows some consistency in answers across all reviews that were submitted about the participant.

Updates to 'Team's and Company's results' page 

The changes to 'My results' are great, but we think the changes to 'Team's/Company's results' pages are even better. Why? Because managers and review administrators now have the ability to visually understand all competencies, across all submitted reviews, for all participants, in one holistic view. And using our new and improved download options, this is possible!

Here's what's new:

  • A new and improved download option—an option to 'Download participants', which downloads a compressed file that includes all submitted review information for each participant as its own separate file.
  • Of course we have a People filter. This filter allows you to search all participants in the cycle to view a group/department/team/etc or an individual. The distribution chart, graph, and download will update accordingly.
  • Top competencies (highest average) and Top opportunities (lowest average) boxes
  • COMING SOON! A new competency download above the distribution grid and radial graph will include average competency scores per competency, per participant.


  • Grid view with numerous tool tips and helpful text
    • Hover over any competency cell to display the description for that competency
    • Hover over any competency answer cell to see the scale label and how many participants fall into that cell
  • Each competency answer cell shows the percentage of participants whose AVERAGE score falls into that range
    • Remember, only submitted reviews are included in these calculations
  • Sort drop-down menu with options:
    • All competencies
    • Most aligned (smallest perception gap in responses)
    • Least aligned (largest perception gap in responses)
    • Top competencies (highest average)
    • Top opportunities (lowest average)


  • Radial view to show gaps in perception between Self, Manager, and/or Peer reviews
    • If the cycle included more than 12 competencies, maybe instead of viewing the entire company, you only view a group at a time for radial view.
  • Options to filter by:
    • All competencies
    • Most aligned (smallest perception gap in responses)
    • Least aligned (largest perception gap in responses)
    • Top competencies (highest average)
    • Top opportunities (lowest average)


Whew! That's a wrap for today. Now you can include an unlimited number of competencies per cycle and you can easily analyze the results of those competencies in app and via download.

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