15Five Releases- May 27, 2021

Today's release is a big win for Best-Self Review®—adding in a window specifically denoting when sharing reviews can take place. Wanna know a secret? This release lays the groundwork for a Calibrations feature that is coming later this year. 

Updates to sharing and finalizing reviews

We know there are multiple reasons that sharing and finalizing should be disabled until a certain date. There is a need for some "guardrails". The most common use case is calibrations, but sometimes Leadership wants to meet with managers before allowing sharing, or review administrators need time to review and/or remove answers before sharing happens. As a result of today's release, review administrators will see new review milestones under a 'Share and finalize reviews' header. 


The two milestones are 'Start sharing on' and 'Finalize by'. These two milestones can create a "sharing" window. If you do not want to allow managers to share and finalize at anytime, set these dates to match your cycle start and end dates. 

There is one noticeable change for managers. Managers will no longer see the 'Share and finalize reviews' button when completing a summary. There will first be a 'Share review' button once the sharing window has opened. After the reviews have been shared, a 'Finalize results' button will appear. Decoupling these two steps reinforces the importance of sharing, holding a final meeting, and then finalizing (locking) the reviews. If a manager tries to share before the start sharing on date has passed, they will see this tip.

Screen_Shot_2021-05-26_at_1.53.19_PM.pngFor more information on today's release, see these articles:

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