15Five Releases- May 25, 2021

Before May comes to a close, we have two more 1-on-1s releases for you. They're both follow-ups to previous releases, and make the previous releases that much more impactful!

Real-time shared notes 

We recently released real-time talking points and action items for 1-on-1s. Today, we are adding shared notes to the real-time family.

When one of the two people involved in a 1-on-1 adds shared notes, the other person's agenda will update in real time. This is true before the 1-on-1 is held, during, and even after the 1-on-1 has ended. This update should keep communication flowing freely and allow both people to actively contribute to shared notes. All fields except for private notes are now showing real-time updates!

Attachments and hyperlinks in 1-on-1s

Another follow up to a previous release—rich text editing in 1-on-1s now includes attachment and hyperlink options. Not only can you format your text in all 1-on-1s fields, but now you can add attachments and hyperlinks to ensure all details, docs, and context are in the same place.

To add a link, highlight the text to be linked and click the link icon below. Paste your link and you're all set. To add an attachment, click the paperclip icon below your text, then find the file you want to attach. The attachment will appear below your text formatting options. Attachments are not available in notes. 

When all the context is housed in the 1-on-1 agenda, your conversation will be less about sharing links and docs and more about the progress/roadblocks/next steps!


For more information on today's release, see these articles:

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