15Five Releases- June 24, 2021

Today we have a release to help make toggling between 15Five and other apps easier for you and your people. We are calling it the 'App Library'. Check it out!

App Library + LearnUpon and Fuel50

With this App Library release, we now offer SSO authentication directly with our partners apps via 15Five, simplifying the overall app experience for employees. People who are both account administrators in 15Five and in the partner app can enable and manage partner apps. Once the partner app is enabled, all employees can log into the app via SSO in one click. 


The benefits:

  1. Anyone using 15Five will have easy access to partner apps with SSO enabled so they can quickly login to the partner app from within the 15Five application.
  2. Account administrators will also have the option to 'Learn more' about all of our partner apps and enable them directly from this new SSO App Library.
  3. This release is a "first step" to adding a more comprehensive, partner app library (with further integrations) in the future.

We have two partner apps available today—Fuel50 and LearnUpon. We will continue to add new partner apps in the future.

For more information, check out these articles:



Log into partner apps via App Library

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