15Five Releases- July 20, 2021

We've heard (more than a handful of times) that you're looking for a way to have certain talking points appear 1-on-1 after 1-on-1. Maybe a thing called 'repeating talking points in 1-on-1s'? Yes, that sounds like a good release for today!

Repeating talking points in 1-on-1s

Any talking point on any 1-on-1 agenda can now be marked as "repeating"! Prior to this release, you may have figured out that leaving a talking point unchecked meant that it would roll over into the new agenda. Now, you can mark off the talking point, since it was discussed, and move on to the next 1-on-1 with confidence that the repeating talking points will appear fresh on the next agenda.

To mark a talking point as repeating: hover over or click into the talking point field, and then click the repeating icon.


Once the talking point has been marked as repeating, the icon will be purple. 

What happens next?

  • If the repeating talking point is not checked off, it will act like any other unchecked talking point and roll over to the next 1-on-1 agenda.
    • All comments and attachments will roll over with the talking point, just as they would for any talking point that is not checked off.
  • If the repeating talking point is checked off, it’s like a brand new one was automatically added to the next 1-on-1 agenda. 
    • If a repeating talking point has comments and/or attachments associated with it and is checked off, the repeating talking point on the next 1-on-1 agenda will be a “fresh copy” and will not have any of the comments and/or attachments in it. It acts like a brand new talking point was added.

Now go on and repeat those talking points. After all, if they are repeating, they're probably important!

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