15Five Releases- July 29, 2021

In today's release we are allowing you to add some custom flair to your 15Five app, by way of uploading your company's logo to appear in app. 

Logo customization

If you've ever wanted to customize the logo in 15Five, making 15Five feel more on brand for your company, now you can! Yep—it's your company account. Use your company's logo. This should help drive adoption and/or make 15Five feel more recognizable for non-account administrators who aren't as familiar with the platform.

Account administrators can change the logo by going to the 'Company settings' page and finding the 'Company customization' setting (at the bottom of the page). From there, a company logo can be uploaded to replace the 15Five logo.


Once uploaded, the custom logo will only appear in-app. The 15Five logo will still appear in emails, Slack, or MS Teams messages, etc. To remove, click the x at the top right of the custom logo and the 15Five logo will reappear.

For more information on today's release, see this article:

Add my company's logo

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