15Five Releases- August 10, 2021

Today is a big day at 15Five! Two of the most commonly requested enhancements are coming to life: Calibrations in Best-Self Review® and Recurring 1-on-1s.


Calibrations in 15Five helps HR leaders and managers make more fair, objective, and transparent assessments of performance and talent decisions with ease.

  • Calibrations in 15Five make it easy for calibrators to see the distribution of review ratings across team managers and adjust those ratings in real-time.
  • With performance ratings already in 15Five, being able to conduct calibrations in the same system saves time and reduces the hassle of having to toggle back and forth between multiple tools or spreadsheets.

In addition, calibrators get convenient access to rating distributions and a ‘track changes’ activity feed making it easy to adjust ratings and when needed, to go back and see exactly who changed each score and why.


Calibration sessions can be enabled in any cycle where manager reviews are included. When enabled, calibrations fall between the 'Manager reviews due by' date and the 'Start sharing on' date. The manager reviews must be submitted in order for sessions to be populated. Calibration sessions are then held and locked. The private manager assessment answers are updated in the manager reviews and summary. The 'Start sharing on' date comes around and managers then have the ability to share results, hold final meetings, and finalize the results with their direct reports. 

Webinar 🎥: Minimizing Bias in Your Performance Reviews

Guide 📖: Calibrations Best Practices One Pager


Recurring 1-on-1s

Do you consider yourself a regular 1-on-1er? Regular meaning, you've got the calendar invite set to recurring, your 1-on-1 agendas are fresh and accurate, and you and your direct reports (or manager) rarely miss a meeting. If so, this release is going to make managing your 1-on-1s that much smoother! 

When scheduling your next 1-on-1, you will see the option to make it recurring—in app the term used is 'Repeats'. You can choose to have your 1-on-1 repeat weekly, every two or three weeks, monthly, every other month, and more. 


What does "recurring" actually mean? Well, your current 1-on-1 is created. You hold your 1-on-1 on the next recurring date. At 11:59pm, 15Five automatically ends (assuming you enabled this setting) the 1-on-1 and creates a new agenda for your next scheduled meeting date, based on your cadence. If you'd rather end the 1-on-1 after the meeting instead of waiting until 11:59pm, you can do that too. In that case, the new 1-on-1 agenda will be created upon ending.

1-on-1s are only as good as the information contained in them and leaving 1-on-1s open can lead to out of date talking points, action items that are no longer relevant, and notes that are jumbled together. With recurring 1-on-1s, your 1-on-1 agendas are going to stay fresh before, during, and after the actual meeting.

Recurring 1-on-1s will not work with the Google Calendar integration enabled. You can disable it from your own account here or if you are an account administrator, you can disable it for the company here


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