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If you're an account administrator, you can customize the logo that appears in 15Five, making 15Five feel more "on brand" for your company. After all, it is your company account! Changing the logo can help drive adoption and/or make 15Five feel more recognizable for non-account administrators who aren't as familiar with the platform.



We accept .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .gif files. The logo must be square; if it is not, we will turn it into a square. The logo size 40x40px in 15Five (and we will shrink larger images to this size).



It is not possible to upload your logo via your SSO provider. You must follow the steps below to upload your logo manually.

Upload my company's logo to replace the 15Five logo

1. Click on the Settings menu at the top right of your 15Five account and then click Company settings from the dropdown menu.


2. Scroll down to the 'Company customization' section and click to expand the logo settings.


3. Drag and drop the jpeg or png file into the box or click Or upload here. JPEG, JPG, PNG, and GIF files are acceptable.




Use a high resolution logo for best results. The higher the quality, the crisper the logo will look when sized down and displayed. The image must be square. If it is not, the app will scale it to 40x40px.

4. After uploading your logo, it will appear in app at the top left of your account. The custom logo will only appear in-app. The 15Five logo will still appear in emails, Slack, or MS Teams messages, etc.




To remove, click the x at the top right of the custom logo. If the custom logo is removed, the 15Five logo will reappear.

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