15Five Releases- August 17, 2021

Want to have your employee data automatically maintained, but 15Five doesn't have a direct integration with your third party software, likely a HRIS? Today's release is just what you need!


Similar to uploading employee information via CSV or API, both of which are manual, you can now automatically manage employee data via SFTP using 15Five and your HRIS/another software. Time saver! SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol or SSH File Transfer Protocol) allows you to securely transfer data from one platform to another—for example, from a HRIS to 15Five. If your HRIS has a built-in SFTP client, SFTP will allow you to automatically sync your data and ensure that 15Five is always up to date, without requiring manual work on your part. 


SFTP can be used to manage fields such as reviewer name, email address, and active/inactive status, and more. If the column name is listed on our 'Bulk import' page, it can be synced via SFTP. 

Think of SFTP as an automated and regularly imported CSV.


For more information, see this article:

Manage data in 15Five using SFTP

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