15Five Releases- July 8, 2021

Smooooth... today's releases make using 1-on-1s and managing people smooth. We're excited to present you with the latest product releases. Let's slide on in. 

Comments on talking points and action items

Talking points and action items in 1-on-1s are the beginning of a larger conversation. Though you can add general notes in the private/shared notes fields, adding comments in line with the talking point or action item add context, color, and make remembering what was discussed much easier. To the right of your talking points and action items, there is a chat bubble icon with a + sign in the middle. If you click it, a comment box will appear, allowing you to add deeper context to a specific talking point. 

  • Comments can be added by either person and are visible to both people in the 1-on-1.
  • After a comment is added, the other person in 1-on-1 will be notified via in-app notification feed and email (if enabled).
  • Comments are not included in the '1-on-1 has been ended' email.


Updates to the 'Manage people' page

We made some changes to the 'Manage people' page—specifically around statuses. Before today, people were either Active or Inactive, but that made it hard to keep track of people who were pending or added to 15Five and made it difficult for account administrators to know what actions need to be taken. So, we created a new tab called 'Inactive' that houses Pending invitations and Created people. We've also made the actions you can take, like sending or resending an invitation more intuitive.


  • Pending invitations meaning people who have been sent an invite email or people who have a start date and an invite email queued to be sent. 
  • Created people meaning individuals who were added to 15Five without an invite email being sent. Created people may have been added without an invite email in order to be added to Objectives, Best-Self Review®, or Engagement before they gain access to 15Five.

For more information on today's releases, see these articles:

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