15Five Releases- October 12th, 2021

Customize frequency of Check-in sections

You can now customize how often the Pulse, priorities, and objective updates sections of a Check-in appear. Frequency options are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Account admins can manage section frequency company-wide, and both account admins and group admins can manage section frequency for groups.

Help Center article 💡: Manage Check-in section frequency for my team

Searchable 1-on-1s

We added a new 'Search' tab to our 1-on-1s feature. In this tab, you can filter past 1-on-1s by keyword, 1-on-1 participant (people), content type (note, comment, action item, or talking point), and/or date.

Help Center article 💡: Search my 1-on-1s


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