October 2021 - 15Five releases

Review acknowledgement

We added a new setting for review cycles that allows cycle participants to check a box and electronically sign to acknowledge they've seen their review results and had a conversation with their manager. This setting can be enabled or disabled across all review cycles. Released 10/28/21.

Help Center article 💡: Review acknowledgement

"Cycle collaborator" role available across all review types

You can now appoint cycle collaborators for all Best-Self Review types! Cycle collaborators have the same permissions as review admins, but contained within a specific review cycle. They also have added abilities that, traditionally, only managers in a review cycle have had: they can nominate peers  for participants, approve/deny a participant's desired peer nominations, and share/finalize reviews on behalf of managers. Released on 10/27/21.

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Talking points bank

You can now add talking points directly to your 1-on-1 agenda from our bank of 300+ science-inspired questions. Released on 10/14/21.

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Ability to clone review question templates across type

Now, when you go to clone a question template for a Best-Self Review cycle and then change the template type, questions from common sections will stay. For example, if you clone a self & manager template and change it to a peer template, the manager questions from Growth & Development, Company Values, and Competencies questions will remain on the new peer template. Released on 10/14/21.

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Customize frequency of Check-in sections

You can now customize how often the Pulse, priorities, and objective updates sections of a Check-in appear. Frequency options are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Account admins can manage section frequency company-wide, and both account admins and group admins can manage section frequency for groups. Released on 10/12/21.

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Searchable 1-on-1s

We added a new 'Search' tab to our 1-on-1s feature. In this tab, you can filter past 1-on-1s by keyword, 1-on-1 participant (people), content type (note, comment, action item, or talking point), and/or date. Released on 10/12/21.

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Android version 2.3.0

Improvements: Now you can differentiate new or unread notifications from the notifications that were already read. We’ve also updated the communication of private answers and comments and improved the wording of error messages in case of an unsuccessful log-in attempt. 

Fixes: Added a loading icon to show that data is in the process of loading and will be displayed; fixed the loading of past High Fives; fixed auto-capitalization in comments. Released on 10/12/21.

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iOS version 3.4.0

Improvement: Everyone filling out their Check-ins from the iOS app can add multiple Priorities, text answers, and High Fives from a single screen to enhance the Check-in experience. While filling out your Check-in, you’ll be presented with a new composer when adding responses to Priorities, text answers, and High Fives. Released on 10/7/21.

Help Center article 💡: Download the 15Five iOS app

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