November 2021 - 15Five releases

Enable/disable automatic manager updates in active Best-Self Review®️ cycles 

Historically, when a reviewer of a participant changes in an active cycle, their manager in the cycle was also updated. Some companies make manager adjustments after cycle kickoff in order to reflect the desired structure for reviews. However, larger companies often use user provisioning systems (HRIS, SAML etc.), or user import, which can later interfere with manual updates, causing frustration and needs for workarounds. With these new functionality, customers can leave their user syncs on and not worry about manager reviewers being updated all the time during an active cycle. Released 11/17/21.

Help Center article 💡: Update managers during a cycle

Limited release: Admin Dashboard

Account admins in select accounts will see a new dashboard that contains high-level reporting for their company upon logging into 15Five. Released 11/16/21.

Help Center article 💡: Understanding the Admin Dashboard

Objectives in reviews

There's a new option to include Objective and Key Result (OKR) reflection questions in Best-Self Review®️ cycles! This option is only available in self/manager reviews, and questions can be added during the process of creating a question template. You can choose whether or not to include objectives in your reviews in your Best-Self Review settings. Released 11/11/21.

Help Center article 💡: Manage company review settings (see 'Objectives' section)

Help Center article 💡: Create or clone a question template

Invited individuals can be nominated as peers in Best-Self Review®️ cycles

We made a change that allows people who have been invited to 15Five, but not yet accepted their invitation, be nominated as peer reviewers in review cycles. Released 11/11/21.

Upgrade your plan in-app

Account admins and billing admins can once again upgrade their billing plan in-app. This ability was temporarily suspended as we transitioned to a new billing software. Released 11/9/21.

Help Center article 💡: Upgrade or downgrade your plan

Android version 2.3.1

Improvements: Improved the way we update the data on the High Fives screen- now high fives are pushed to that screen immediately.

Fixes: Fixed multiple issues that were causing the app to crash, as well as an issue that impacted the read state of "Reviewed" notifications on the notifications screen. Released 11/9/21.

Help Center article 💡: Download the 15Five Android app

iOS version 3.4.1

Improvements: Enhancements to the Check-in experience! You will now see a graph of the last 5 pulse scores in a submitted Check-in (this is especially great for reviewers, as it allows them to easily spot trends and changes while they are reviewing their team's Check-ins). We’ve added question context support: now you will see the question description and question details when filling out your Check-in. We also updated the “Submit Check-in” button to reduce the confusion around submission of a wrong check-in. Finally, we added a company value icon and improved the private and public high-fiving experience when giving high fives from within your Check-in.

Fixes: Fixed issues with the "Mark as reviews and review next" button, keyboard hiding, and displaying of mentions when they should not appear. Released 11/5/21.

Turn the Pulse question on/off by group

You can now manage who sees the Pulse question ("How did you feel at work this week?") on their Check-ins by group. Released 11/2/21.

Help Center article 💡: Enable/disable Pulse

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