November 2021 - 15Five releases

Limited release: Admin Dashboard

Account admins in select accounts will see a new dashboard that contains high-level reporting for their company upon logging into 15Five. Released 11/16/21.

Help Center article 💡: Understanding the Admin Dashboard

Objectives in reviews

There's a new option to include Objective and Key Result (OKR) reflection questions in Best-Self Review®️ cycles! This option is only available in self/manager reviews, and questions can be added during the process of creating a question template. You can choose whether or not to include objectives in your reviews in your Best-Self Review settings. Released 11/11/21.

Help Center article 💡: Manage company review settings (see 'Objectives' section)

Help Center article 💡: Create or clone a question template

Invited individuals can be nominated as peers in Best-Self Review®️ cycles

We made a change that allows people who have been invited to 15Five, but not yet accepted their invitation, be nominated as peer reviewers in review cycles. Released 11/11/21.

Upgrade your plan in-app

Account admins and billing admins can once again upgrade their billing plan in-app. This ability was temporarily suspended as we transitioned to a new billing software. Released 11/8/21.

Help Center article 💡: Upgrade or downgrade your plan

Android version 2.3.1

Improvements: Improved the way we update the data on the High Fives screen- now high fives are pushed to that screen immediately.

Fixes: Fixed multiple issues that were causing the app to crash, as well as an issue that impacted the read state of "Reviewed" notifications on the notifications screen. Released 11/8/21.

iOS version 3.4.1

Improvements: Enhancements to the Check-in experience! You will now see a graph of the last 5 pulse scores in a submitted Check-in (this is especially great for reviewers, as it allows them to easily spot trends and changes while they are reviewing their team's Check-ins). We’ve added question context support: now you will see the question description and question details when filling out your Check-in. We also updated the “Submit Check-in” button to reduce the confusion around submission of a wrong check-in. Finally, we added a company value icon and improved the private and public high-fiving experience when giving high fives from within your Check-in.

Fixes: Fixed issues with the "Mark as reviews and review next" button, keyboard hiding, and displaying of mentions when they should not appear. Released 11/5/21.

Turn the Pulse question on/off by group

You can now manage who sees the Pulse question ("How did you feel at work this week?") on their Check-ins by group. Released 11/2/21.

Help Center article 💡: Enable/disable Pulse

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