December 2021 - 15Five releases

Android version 2.5.0

Improvements: We added private high fives to the High Fives feed.

Fixes: We changed the informational message when G-sign is not configured for a company and fixed alignment issue on the Check-in Insights screen. Released 12/28/22.

Help Center article 💡: Download the 15Five Android app

Engagement and Coaching Hub can be managed in feature settings

Account admins in companies that are on our Total Platform or Perform plans can now manage whether or not the "Engagement" and "Coaching Hub" main navigation icons will appear for their team in the main, left-hand navigation bar of 15Five. This allows admins to control when these features are displayed to their organization. Released on 12/10/21.

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Coaching Hub

Coaching Hub is a feature that allows organizations to manage, assign, schedule, and record coaching sessions their organization has purchased from 15Five's Transform Team. This feature is hosted in Emplify/Engage (rather than inside of 15Five). Released on 12/7/21.

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iOS version 3.5.0


For Managers: We made it easier for managers to see if they have unreviewed check-ins. We added a “more menu” on reviewed Check-ins that contains quick actions allowing managers to give a person a High Five, open 1-on-1s, view Objectives, or access past Check-ins— all from a single screen.

For Reporters: We removed the 'My team' Check-in tab for people who don't have direct reports.

Fixes: Fixed several crashes related to adding of multiple answers to Check-in questions. Fixed incorrect count of unreviewed check-ins. Fixed a bug that caused Objectives and Key Results to be truncated. Fixed highlighting of mentions. Released 12/6/21.

Android version 2.4.0

Improvements: Historical Pulse! You will now see a graph of the last 5 pulse scores in a submitted Check-in. This is great for the reviewers, as it allows them to easily spot trends and changes to their direct reports' Pulse while they are reviewing Check-ins. Also, Check-ins insights! We’ve added a success screen upon check-in submission to provide you with more insights on company performance versus your own.

Fixes: Fixed a bug with leaving private comments while reviewing check-ins. Made Priority questions dynamic to align with the description made on web version of 15Five. Fixed multiple issues that resulted in crashes. Updated the push notification icon to the northstar icon. Released 12/1/21.

Help Center article 💡: Download the 15Five Android app

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