Video resources: 1-on-1s

This article contains video resources to help you use 15Five's 1-on-1s feature.


Product training resources


  • How to lead an effective 1-on-1 in 30 minutes (32 min): This video walks through the foundations, science, and impact of 15Five's 1-on-1s feature, how Check-ins interact with 1-on-1s, and how to utilize the 1-on-1s feature to have a meaningful 1-on-1 meeting with your teammates. Also included are a feature demo and upcoming feature releases. Hosted by Priscilla Zorrilla (15Five Sr. Program Manager), Courtney Yazzie (Education Manager), and Heather Blair (Sr. Product Manager). Released on 4/27/21.
  • 15Five Deep Dive | Session One | What Do I Do In my 1-on-1? (45 min): Join Chelsea Margolies and Jon Greenawalt from 15Five's Transform Team for a simple and effective model for holding meaningful 1-on-1’s with your team. This session is geared specifically towards managers. Released on 9/22/21.
  • 15Five Deep Dive | Session Two | Ask Us Anything: A 1-on-1 About 1-on-1s (60 min): In this session, Santi Jaramillo (CEO, Emplify) and Dr. Jeff Smith (Vice President, People Strategy & Insights at 15Five) answer the most common questions about how to have regular, meaningful 1-on-1s and what gets in the way. Released on 9/22/21.
  • 15Five Deep Dive | Session Three | Your Step-By-Step Guide To Hosting Meaningful 1-on-1s (32 min): Calling all managers! In this 30 minute session, you'll learn best practices to leverage 15Five's 1-on-1 agendas to prepare, organize, and document your 1-on-1 meetings. Walk away with practical tips that will have you leading more meaningful 1-on-1 conversations. Released on 9/23/21.
  • 15Five Deep Dive | Session Four | The future of 1-on-1s through the eyes of 15Five (30 min): In this session, attendees will understand 15Five’s vision to create effective managers and how our product will support them in having more meaningful conversations with their team. Hosted by 15Five Senior Product Manager Heather Blair. Released on 9/23/21.
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