January 2022 - 15Five releases

15Five Compensation

15Five has officially integrated with two industry-leading compensation partners, HRSoft and SimplyMerit, to help HR leaders and managers make performance-based compensation decisions that drive pay equity and retention. Released 1/31/22.

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iOS version 3.5.1

Improvements: We added sections to the 'My Team' page based on manager priorities and status of their team’s check-ins. We added reviewer’s “last pulse value” on the 'My team' page so that managers can react to the Check-ins that need their attention the most. We introduced a new options menu style on the team screen.

Fixes: Fixed several crashes related to adding of multiple answers. Fixed incorrect count of unreviewed check-ins. Fixed Objectives key results being truncated. Fixed highlighting of mentions. Released 1/31/22.

Android version 2.6.0

Improvements: We removed the “My team” page for people who don’t have direct reports. We improved the usability of the Notifications screen so that the app stays at the Notification you were reading, rather that scrolling you back to the top of the list.

Fixes: Fixed push notifications being not responsive or leading to the wrong screen. Fixed the logic on how we calculate the due dates. Now due dates are consistent across all 15Five products. Fixed editing of check-in answers that contain attachments. Removed completion of Priorities from the "Add a comment" screen. Released 1/31/22.

View engagement results by hierarchy

Customers that are using the 15Five - Engagement integration will now be able to see their engagement results based on hierarchy groups. Released 1/25/22

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Change Check-in frequency via CSV

You can now change the Check-in frequency of individuals via a bulk import CSV using the new "check_in_period" and "due_day_week" columns. Options for frequency are weekly, bi-weekly (i.e. fortnightly), or monthly. Released 1/10/22.

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Best-Self Review® async downloads

When review cycles have a lot of participants, it can take a long time to download certain reports— sometimes leading to timeouts and frustration. This release introduces async download functionality to two BSR reports: Full progress report and Peer nomination statusIf there are more than 100 participants in the cycle and you attempt to download one of those reports, you will now receive a notification that we're working on the download and, when the download is complete, you'll receive an email with a link to the download. If you stay within 15Five while the report is downloading, you will also receive a notification in-app that the download has completed with a link to the download. Released 1/4/22.

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Specify user status for participants in a Best-Self Review® cycle

When creating a new review cycle, there is a new option that review admins can select when choosing who they want to participate in the cycle: "All active, invited, and created users". This option allows you to add folks who aren't yet active in 15Five as review cycle participants. Released 1/4/22.

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