March 2022 - 15Five releases

Bulk actions for invites

Account admins now have the ability to send, reset, cancel, and activate/deactivate email invites to 15Five in bulk. Released 3/31/22.

Help Center article 💡: Bulk manage invitations

Unlock review cycles

Review admins and cycle collaborators can now unlock locked review cycles in-app, rather than needing to contact our Support Team for assistance. Released 3/31/22.

Help Center article 💡: Lock or unlock a review cycle

Competencies have a new home in feature settings!

Job competencies are demonstrable and measurable clusters of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes that an employee needs to perform their work functions successfully. In 15Five, competencies were historically only used in Best-Self Review® question templates, but with the release of Career Paths, they are now used in multiple features. Now, instead of competencies being managed in review settings, we've added a new section, 'Competencies and Paths' in feature settings. Here, account admins can upload and manage competencies. Released 3/10/22.

Help Center article 💡: Upload and manage competencies

Career Paths and Growth Plan

We added two new tabs to 15Five's Career Hub feature! The 'Career Paths' tab gives employees visibility into possible directions of career growth within your organization. This section of Career Hub is intended to be completed after employees get clear on their role, responsibilities, strengths, and career goals in the 'Role Clarity', 'Strengths', and 'Career Vision' tabs. After utilizing 'Career Paths' to become aware of role opportunities within your organization, employees can use 'Growth Plan' to take tangible steps towards their future. Released 3/10/22.

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Rename the Best-Self Review® feature

You can now rename the Best-Self Review® feature, as well as the term "review" in 15Five! Released 3/10/22.

Help Center article 💡: Rename Best-Self Review®

Performance Ratings+

15Five's new Performance Ratings+ feature offers a true aggregate measure of employee performance and intuitive reporting that makes it easy to make performance-related decisions in your organization, bringing your team one step closer to fully integrating performance and compensation. Create a formula that generates a performance rating for your employees based on Best-Self Review® results, create a rubric that determines what category different score ranges fall into, and report on your team's performance ratings...all within 15Five. Released 3/3/22.

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"Growth & Development" question template section now optional

Historically, when creating a question template for your Best-Self Review® cycle, you were required to program at least one Growth and Development question. To add more flexibility, we have removed that requirement. Released 3/3/22.

Help Center article 💡: Create or clone a question template

Early Adopter release: Custom roles in Best-Self Review®

You can now create custom review permissions to give people only the permissions they need. Released 3/1/22.

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Group types with members in multiple groups can be synced to Emplify

We’ve added support to the Emplify system to allow employees to be part of more than one group within a group type. To support this, we updated the Bulk Employee Import tool to be able to import this data (for integrated customers and legacy Emplify customers) and updated the Employee Detail screen to show the all groups an employee is a member of. Released 3/1/22.

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