February 2022 - 15Five releases

Engagement integration enabled automatically for new customers

New 15Five customers on Perform and Total Plans will automatically have the feature flags for the engagement integration enabled. Released 2/28/2022.

Engage Help Center article 💡: 15Five Engagement Integration

Instant Access™

We have greatly reduced the time it takes for a welcome email to send out to people who sign up for a trial. Now, new trial-ers of 15Five can expect a welcome email within five minutes of signing up for a trial. Released 2/18/2022.

Coaching Hub: Subscriptions

The new 'Subscriptions' tab in the Engage Coaching Hub allows engagement and organization admins to see what coaching subscriptions they have purchased, track how many are still available to assign, and assign participants to sessions. Once assigned, they can monitor progress as sessions get scheduled and are completed. Released 2/1/2022.
Engage Help Center article 💡: Managing Your Organization's Coaching Session

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