April 2022 - 15Five releases

Android version 2.8.0

Improvements: In 1-on-1 agendas, you will now see the distinction between manually entered talking points and talking points added from your Check-ins. We also updated Objectives groups naming in Check-ins to reflect the correct group type and the group associated.
Fixes: Resolved several crash issues; removed irrelevant icons from the app. Released 4/29/22.

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Expanded multiple choice options in BSR

We changed the limit for answer options that can be added for multiple choice questions in Best-Self Review® question templates from 10 to 20. Released 4/20/22.

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New status filtering and bulk nudging for Best-Self Review®

Review admins and managers can apply new status filters to cycle participants to help them evaluate progress, then bulk nudge participants based on these filters. Filters include: "No reviews submitted," "Some reviews submitted," "All reviews submitted," "Reviews shared," "Reviews shared and finalized," and "Calibrated." Released 4/7/22.

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15Five < > ADP integration

15Five now integrates with ADP! This new one-way or two-way integration allows you to easily transfer employee data directly from ADP into 15Five, or performance and OKR data from 15Five into ADP. It can also be configured with minimal IT resources, making it quick and easy for your team to implement and utilize.

This is a paid integration that can be purchased from the ADP Marketplace. Please refer to the Marketplace for pricing information. Released 4/5/22.

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15Five’s Android app now includes 1-on-1s

15Fivers using the Android app now have the ability to create 1-on-1s, add content to 1-on-1 agendas, view current and historical 1-on-1s, and search for 1-on-1s with specific team members on their device. Released 4/1/22.

Help Center article💡: Download the 15Five Android app

Access Best-Self Review® cycles from your iPhone

You can now access 15Five’s Best-Self Review® feature from your iPhone. Click into the Best-Self Review® tab and you will be automatically logged into 15Five on your mobile browser and directed to the review dashboard. Released 4/1/22.

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Additional attributes added to BambooHR & Namely integrations

You can now sync additional employee attributes from BambooHR and Namely to 15Five (which is especially helpful for companies running engagement surveys!). New attributes include: Phone Number, Gender, Birth Date, Ethnicity, and Salary (Namely only). Released 4/1/22.

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