Training & videos for manager onboarding

As a leader within your organization, you play a critical role in driving employee performance, engagement, and retention. If your company has recently adopted 15Five, you might be wondering how this platform can support you in these endeavors. Look no further! This specialized collection of videos is curated just for managers like you, offering step-by-step guidance on leveraging 15Five to its fullest potential. So grab a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable, and let's begin your journey.

Functionality videos for managers

⭐️ Functionality & Best Practices for Employees and Managers
In this live introductory training to 15Five, employees and managers will learn how to best leverage 15Five features and tools. This is a recurring weekly webinar that takes place every Thursday from 12:30-1:30 EST.

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15Five Functionality for Manager Effectiveness (52 min)

In this on-demand platform training, you'll learn how to utilize 15Five to drive manager effectiveness through our Best-Self Kickoff, Check-ins, 1-on-1s, Objectives, and Best-Self Review® features, as well as resources and tips for success.

Complete a Best-Self Review (8 min)

In this video, we cover how to complete a Best-Self Review® as a manager.

Objectives and Key Results Overview (50 min)

In this on-demand product training, we discuss all things Objectives and Key Results, including a feature overview, the science behind the feature, benefits, how to create and manage objectives, best practices for creating OKRs for your team, and more. 15Five's Objectives feature helps you track your team's progress toward goals, prioritize work, guide 1-on-1s with your team, and give constructive feedback.

Create an OKR (7 min)

In this video, we walk through how to create an objective in 15Five.

Objectives Training (23 min)

In this on-demand training, we walk through 15Five's Objectives feature including a feature overview, how to configure settings for objectives, and how to create and report on objectives.

Best practices for skill development

The Modern Manager with Jon Greenawalt (60 min)

In this on-demand training, we walk through how to navigate 15Five and utilize its functionalities best as a people leader.

Helping your Employees Craft Strengths-Based Careers (44 min)

In this on-demand webinar, we walk through how to utilize 15Five's Career Hub feature to help support your team's career growth.

The Meaningful Manager: How to Manage What Matters (60 min)

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about the skills and practices you need to succeed as a manager, refocus on what matters most, and balance performance and your people's needs.

Mastering the Art of Giving Feedback (60 min)

In this on-demand webinar, you'll join a panel of HR leaders as they discuss methods of giving feedback, how to navigate tough conversations, and employee recognition practices.

How other Managers Leverage 15Five (30 min)

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn how other managers utilize 15Five to interact with their teams using the Check-ins and 1-on-1s features and how to get your team to use 15Five.

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