May 2022 - 15Five releases

Ability to manage cycle collaborators

Review admins can now add or remove cycle collaborators from an active review cycle. Released 5/17/22.

Help Center articleđź’ˇ: Add or remove cycle collaborators

Access participant review results from within calibration sessions

When looking at a calibration session page, you can now click on a participant's name to access their review summary page. Released 5/9/22.

Help Center articleđź’ˇ: Hold a calibration session

Edit individual settings for upcoming review cycles

Historically, review admins had to wait until a review cycle launched to update individual settings— that is, who is responsible for writing reviews about a participant and who a participant is responsible for writing review about. With this release, review admins and cycle collaborators can edit individual settings for upcoming cycles. Released 5/9/22.

Help Center articleđź’ˇ: Edit individual settings for participant

iOS version 3.6.5

Improvements: Added 1-on-1s to the main navigation bar, making it easier for individuals to access. Added the ability to make talking points and action items private in 1-on-1s. Moved notifications to the top right of the screen so you can easily track all new notifications coming in. We also added an icon to distinguish the notifications that have not been read yet and the option to “Mark all as read” so the housekeeping of your notifications is possible with a single click. Finally, we added the option to edit a submitted Check-in.

Fixes: Fixed bugs that were causing app crashes.  Released 5/3/22.

Help Center articleđź’ˇ: Download the 15Five iOS app

Expanded visibility options for private manager assessments

Review admins now have the option to make private manager assessment answers visible to participant hierarchies and/or participants themselves. This can be done globally for all review cycles or one-off for specific review cycles. Released 5/2/22.

Help Center articleđź’ˇ: Manage visibility options for private manager assessments

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