June 2022 - 15Five releases

Access upcoming events and product updates in the Resource Center

We added 'Events' and 'Product Updates' sections, as well as a revised 'Contact Us' section, to the Resource Center. You can access the Resource Center by clicking the orange chat bubble in the bottom, right-hand corner of your 15Five account. Released 6/29/22.

Ability for calibration session viewers to comment in a session

Historically, only contributors in a calibration sessions could make comments in that session. Now, review admins and cycle collaborators who aren't assigned as contributors in a calibration session can comment or reply to comments in a calibration session's activity feed. Released 6/29/22.

Help Center article💡: Hold a calibration session

Timeline removal in Engagement

Prior to the 15Five <> Emplify merger, engagement assessments and briefings appeared on an organization's timeline in Emplify. However, with the acquisition, the information included on the timeline only represented a fraction of the organization's experience. With this release, briefings can be found in Coaching Hub, and assessments can be found on the Campaign List. Released  6/19/22.

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Ability to use employee ID as a unique identifier

Account admins now have the option to use employee IDs as unique identifiers (UIDs) when importing users into 15Five, instead of using email addresses. Released 6/8/22.

Help Center article💡: Bulk import or update people

Managers can now download the full progress report for reviews

Managers and additional managers now have the ability to download the Best-Self Review® full progress report for participants they have permission to view review results for, allowing them to track review cycle progress for their direct reports. In the past, only review admins and cycle collaborators had the ability to download this report. Released 6/6/22.

Help Center article💡: Download review cycle progress

Android version 2.9.0

Improvements: Added the following sections to the 'My Team' Check-in page for managers: 1) “Last pulse value” (so managers can react to the Check-ins that need their attention the most), and 2) "More menu options" (so Managers can easily navigate to person’s 1-on-1s or Check-ins, or give a High Five).

Fixes: Fixed bugs that were causing app crashes.  Released 6/2/22.

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