July 2022 - 15Five releases

Filter calibration answers alphabetically

Anyone who can view a calibration session can now filter review cycle participant names and calibration answers alphabetically, either ascending or descending, using the up and down arrows next to the header name. Released 7/28/22.

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Android version 2.10.2

In this release, we released some performance improvements, as well as fixed visual issues and bugs that were causing crashes.

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Reviewed Check-ins Reporting: Data consistency

Historically, data shown on the Reviewed Check-ins report table and the drawer included in the report was generated using different filters, resulting in mismatching data. With this release, reporting data shown in the Reviewed Check-ins report table and drawer is based on the same filters. Released 7/27/22.

Help Center article💡: Check-ins: Submitted & Reviewed reports

Trends over time for performance ratings+

In March we released Performance Ratings+, a tool that leaders within an organization can use to create an aggregate measure of employee performance within Best-Self Review®. Now, we've released the ability to compare ratings across multiple review cycles. Released 7/20/22.

Edit performance ratings formula and rubric in an active review cycle

Review admins can now edit which performance ratings formula and/or rubric is being used in an active review cycle. These fields can only be edited up until the first review in the cycle is submitted. Released 7/18/22.

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iOS version 3.7.0

Check-in improvements

  • Managers reviewing their teams' submitted check-ins and Reporters viewing their submitted check-ins will find it faster and easier to react on each check-in item, as they now have multiple options available to them under each answer.
  • We made it possible to add check-in answers to 1-on-1s.
  • Employees using the iOS application will see their priorities on the My Check-ins screen, which they can opt to use as a to-do list. They will have a simpler way to access and review those priorities from their mobile app when they're on the go. Released 7/14/22.

Help Center article💡: Download the 15Five iOS app

Decoupled self/manager reviews

In the past, there was no way to create a review cycle that included self reviews and didn't include manager reviews (and vice versa); self and manager reviews were coupled together. With this release, review admins have the option to create review cycles that include either self review or manager reviews without including the other. Released 7/7/22.

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Employee ID as a Unique Identifier for APIs

Following up on the release last month in which we added the employee ID as a Unique Identifier for the CSV upload, now we've added it to our API! We added an optional API parameter unique_identifier with options email, employee_id to /api/public/bulk-user-import/ endpoint. Released 7/1/22.

Help Center article💡: API


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