August 2022 - 15Five releases

Public release: 'My Team' Dashboard for managers

After almost a year of keeping this feature in limited release, learning from the data and from internal stakeholders, we're releasing the 'My Team' Dashboard to all customers. This Dashboard gives managers a snapshot into their managerial to-dos and how their direct reports are doing. Released 8/30/22.

Help Center article💡: Use the 'My team' Dashboard

Ability for admins to share/finalize reviews for anyone

In the past, only a review cycle participant's manager or a cycle collaborator could share and finalize review results with them. We have extended that ability to review admins. Released 8/29/22.

Help Center article💡: Complete, share, & finalize summaries

Limited release: change Check-in frequency for a group

It's now possible to set a default Check-in frequency for groups in your organization. If you don't want a group member to have the same Check-in frequency as the group, we also made it possible to set a custom Check-in frequency for them in their individual account settings.

Currently, this feature is only enabled for companies with less than 500 users. If your company has over 500 users and you want this feature enabled, please reach out to your assigned CSM or Released 8/26/22.

Help Center article💡: Limited release: Change the frequency of Check-ins for a group

Review admins can delete active/ended review cycles

Review admins now have the ability to delete active and ended review cycles. Previously, this could only be done by emailing 15Five's Support Team. Released 8/26/22.

Help Center article💡: Delete a review cycle

Android version 2.11

Improvements: Added a little bit of brightness and color to our empty states experiences. Changed the copies on empty states to provide explanations and guidance on the next steps. Changed loading states to make the wait to load time more delightful.
Fixed Objectives value to be consistent across our platforms, “Forgot password” not being responsive, endless loading state when the data was missing on the screen. Released 8/24/22.

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Review admins can nominate and manage peers for review cycle participants

Review admins now have the ability to nominate peers on behalf of review cycle participants (in addition to a person's manager and cycle collaborators). They can also approve, deny, or remove nominated peers. Released 8/23/22.

Help Center article💡: Manage peer nominations for a review cycle participant

Revamped 'Resources for reviews' section

We created a new home for the 'Resources for reviews' section! When writing a review in a Best-Self Review® cycle, you can view resources— including High Fives, Wins & challenges, Objectives, Past Check-ins, and Past reviews— for the person you're writing a review about. Review resources can now be accessed by clicking View resources in the 'Review details' box to the left of the review you're writing. Clicking this link will open a panel on the right-hand side of your screen that you can use to toggle between all review resources, allowing you to reference resources while you're writing your review. Released 8/17/22.

Help Center article💡: Write or edit a review in a review cycle

Assign seats for Manager Accelerator hybrid and live

You can now assign seats for Manager Accelerator hybrid and live Transform coaching courses. Previously, it was only possible to assign seats for Manager Accelerator online In 15Five. Released 8/5/22.

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