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Transform is a blended learning solution designed to help managers think as leaders who take action to keep their teams motivated, engaged, and thriving, leading to powerful business results. In this article, meet the team that facilitates our Manager Accelerator and Coaching Sessions.


Adam Bouse(he/him) has 13 years of leadership and management experience in addition to 12 years of coaching experience. He is trained in data-driven coaching using assessments like Predictive Index, Myers-Briggs, EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence), and more. He has coached dozens of executives and thousands of managers using a curious, direct, and empathetic approach to coaching.

  • International Coaching Federation: Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • NeuroLeadership Institute: Certified Brain-Based Coach
  • Multi-Health Systems Inc.: EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360 Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Huntington University: M.A., Organizational Leadership
Coaching Experience
  • 11 years of coaching for emotional intelligence and leadership development
  • All levels of the organization: executive coaching, middle managers, frontline managers, and high-impact contributors
  • Focus areas: resonant leadership, EQ, empathy, difficult conversations, manager development
"I can't imagine it being better than it was! Adam made sure to ask me what I was looking for and for as much detail as I wanted to give, so we were able to get very specific with some action items. It was immensely helpful!!"
"I definitely had a couple of "ah-ha" moments that I really needed. I walked away with 2 action plans….The experience only confirmed how valuable coaching really is."


Kandice Klumb (she/her) has 10+ years of experience in people development. She has developed and implemented leadership curricula for front-line to senior-level leaders along with creating global forums for more than 1,200 people managers in 40+ countries. Kandice is a Certified Facilitator with 7 years of experience with personality and behavioral assessments.

  • International Coaching Federation: Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC): Certified Professional Coach (CPC) - Specialist in Leadership, Well-being, and Transitions
  • University of Texas at Austin: Master of Arts - Human Dimensions of Organizations
Coaching Experience
  • 7 years of experience coaching first-time to executive-level leaders in both group and 1:1 settings
  • Focus areas: Building Leadership Capability, Skill Sets, & Confidence • Establishing High Performing Teams • Employee Engagement • Organizational Culture • Change Management • Transitioning from IC to Manager • Wellbeing
"Kandice is an incredibly professional and a talented Coach and Consultant. Kandice worked with my Leadership team and I this year and provided significant benefit to us. She takes time to listen, understand and diagnose so that she can be specific in tailoring solutions...she also provides good counsel and will ask you the tough questions as a good Coach should. In short, I cannot recommend her highly enough."
"Kandice is a natural coach and facilitator. She is positive, affirming and encouraging. She listens. She also has an incredible ability to put people at ease and she is able to connect with people across cultural boundaries. She has a high level of cultural agility."


Lilach Shafir (she/her) is a multilingual facilitator who has worked in 10+ countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the United States. She is adept at using research to coach leaders in stronger management and more productive workplace relationships. Lilach has a 15+ year track record of leadership development and coaching across all levels of organizations: C-suite executives, board members, high-level government officials, and front-line supervisors

  • International Coaching Federation: Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Teleos Leadership Institute: Coaching Essentials Program, international focus
  • Stanford University: Master of Arts - International Education
  • Social Styles Assessment
  • Facilitating Virtual Collaboration: The Grove Consultants International
  • Prism (psychometric assessment)
Coaching Experience
  • 11 years of experience coaching first-time managers to executive-level leaders in performance and accountability
  • Focus areas: Multinational, multilingual, cross-cultural collaboration • Managing Diverse Teams • Growth Mindset • Feedback • Emotional Intelligence • Accountability and Performance
"Lilach is a visionary leader who sees the big landscape and understands how to shape the organization's agenda and move it forward through clear strategic thinking and implementation."
"Lilach is very focused on her clients, and centers them appropriately."
"Lilach is hands down one of the strongest facilitators I’ve ever encountered."


Lindsay Thomas (she/her) has 13+ years of inclusive leadership and talent development experience. She has transformational coaching experience at all organizational levels and is trained in expanding leader capacity and adaptability via Vertical Leadership Development (VLD). Lindsay specializes in coaching emerging female leaders.

  • International Coaching Federation: Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

  • Academy of Creative Coaching: Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology: M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Coaching Experience
  • 350+ hours coaching new and experienced business leaders in human-centered leadership
  • 10 years of coaching adaptive athletes in self-efficacy, innovation, and goal-setting
  • Focus areas: Strengths-based leadership; team dynamics; leveraging feedback; developing trust and accountability; creating psychological safety
"I recently completed coaching with Lindsay and cannot say enough about her ability to help me come up with a plan to meet my professional goals. Through a blend of conversation, resources, self-reflection, reading and practice we tackled skill building in a way that was accessible and manageable. I cannot say enough about this experience, thank you!"
"Lindsay gave us the space to be curious, ask questions, and enabled the salient points to come to the forefront."


Lynnette Phillips (she/her) has 17+ years of experience leading teams. She has served as a facilitator of training for both front-line employees and management. Lynette specializes in understanding and applying core values.

  • Limbic Performance System: Certified Limbic Performance Coach 
  • Regent University: M.A. Organizational Leadership with Emphasis in Executive Coaching
Coaching Experience
  • 4 years coaching experience in both group and 1:1 settings
  • Selected for coaching and mentoring new promoted leaders in previous organization.
  • Focus areas: Limbic system, values, productivity, delivering feedback, difficult conversations, career growth and readiness
"After having the privilege of connecting with Lynnette for a coaching call, I gained clarity in my top values and how I can prioritize them in decision making...she’s so masterful in her ability to effectively communicate and precisely and strategically get to the heart of what is needed. "


Neli Vazquez (she/her) has 7+ years of experience as an Executive Coach & Facilitator. She comes from a consulting background that includes complex organizational transformation projects within Fortune 500 companies and startups. Neli has also been a facilitator for hundreds of neuroscience-backed leadership development workshops for 1,000+ front-line managers and mid-level executives at 70+ organizations across industries.

  • NeuroLeadership Institute: Certified Brain-Based Coach
  • International Coaching Federation: Associate Certified Coach (candidate)
  • NeuroLeadership Institute: Brain-Based Conversation Skills Certification

  • Bowdoin College: Bachelor of Arts

Coaching Experience
  • Coached 300+ Mid to C-level executives on building high-performing teams and helped them deliver on goals with increased collaboration, innovation, and agility
  • Focus areas: Strategic Thinking • Adaptive Leadership • DEIB • Feedback • Communication • Innovation + Reframing • People Development • Effective Meetings • Coaching and Productivity
"I attended a series of virtual management coaching sessions led by Neli. I found her to be a highly effective and engaging facilitator. She communicated clearly and was a true master of her craft."
"Neli is quite simply one of the most talented and effective facilitators I have met in my career. … At the front of the room either virtually or physically, she is a master!"
"Neli’s authentic and energetic personality kept us engaged … One of us would make a sound, gesture or movement and she would pick this up and comment in such a manner that I and other participants would jump in with our thoughts."


Nicole Johansen (she/her) has 20+ years of leadership and management experience as a Marine Corps Officer and 6 years of active duty with 3 Middle East deployments. She is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the reserves in command of MWSS-472, a squadron of 500+ Marines and Sailors. Nicole spent 4 years with Gallup maximizing all people points within organizations. She also spent 2 years as a Senior Consultant leading client accounts and 2 years as a country manager for Australia & New Zealand.

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF): Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC): Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • New York University: M.S. in HRM and Development with a focus on Executive Coaching
  • University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business: Master of Business Administration
Coaching Experience
  • Internal coaching of teams while in management and leadership positions
  • In practice since 2017 coaching individual and organizational clients
  • Focus areas: Developing effective and authentic leadership and management styles/skills; navigating organizational change/ transitions effectively; supporting females working in male-dominated environments
"I can’t praise Nicole’s coaching skills enough! ...We have worked together for two years, and she was instrumental in supporting us through a critical pivot in our company’s history...Nicole is [the] secret weapon all CEO’s should have in their professional toolbox."
"...Nicole’s gentle approach enables clients to find solutions that suit them in a smooth and powerful way while creating a safe environment for learning and growth."


Sage Catlett (they/them) is the Senior Manager of Services Delivery at 15Five. They have two decades of experience consulting and coaching on strategic growth, human behavior, and generational dynamics. Their expertise is in integrating analytical, creative, strategic, and relational thinking as a facilitator of discovery for individuals, teams, and organizations. Sage thrives on creating moments of meaning and connection through brave conversations built around understanding, vulnerability, passion, and exposure to new ideas, people, and places. Sage is a former Senior VP of Futures consulting at Kantar and holds a BBA in Marketing & Consumer Behavior from the Ohio University Honors Tutorial College.

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