15Five Engagement Integration

In this article, you will learn how to complete the following actions with the 15Five Engagement integration:

Available to Engage, Perform, and Total Platform packages.

Access the Engagement Dashboard

To access the engagement dashboard, log in to your 15Five account. Click on Engagement in the navigation to schedule a survey or view results.


Schedule a survey

The Journey timeline is where surveys can be scheduled and planned for your organization. To start, you'll have an engagement survey that can be scheduled based on the day and time that works best for your organization.


Sync 15Five Data

The employee, group and attribute data in 15Five will be used as the data for your engagement survey. You can update your data in 15Five from the Manage People page, through a bulk import, or with an HRIS integration.

To launch an assessment, you'll need to import the employee list and groups that will be used to send the survey and display results. Click on the Manage Employees link from the survey detail or go to Settings > Bulk Employee Updates.

Click the Sync with 15Five button to import all active employees and groups from your 15Five account. You can learn more about syncing your data here.


Include phone numbers

If you are using the 15Five integration to access the engagement dashboard and manage employee data, follow these steps to include phone numbers as part of the integration. Phone numbers are used to send assessment notifications to employees via SMS.

Note: SMS notifications are only available for US phone numbers

  1. Contact the 15Five support team to request that phone numbers are enabled on your 15Five account. You can email the team at support@15five.com.
  2. Add phone numbers to people in 15Five. You can add phone numbers one-by-one or add via bulk import. Phone numbers must be US phone numbers and be formatted as 1##########.
  3. Sync the data to the Engagement Dashboard. Click on Engagement in the 15Five navigation and go to Settings > Bulk Employee Import. Follow these steps to sync the data.
  4. Set the notification type for your assessment to include SMS. Go to the Journey and click on the assessment. Scroll to the Assessment Notifications section and update the Notification Type. You can select to send via SMS only or with Email and SMS.
  5. If you would like to use this setting for future assessments, go to Settings > Assessment Settings and update the Default Message Type.
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