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This article is no longer accurate and will be archived in Q3 2023. Please refer to our "Analyze Engagement results: Engagement Score and Drivers" article for updated information on reviewing results for an engagement survey.

This article walks through how to apply one or more filters to your engagement data to see results for a set of employees. Filters are available on any screen in the Results section of the Insights Dashboard. You can add one or more filters to focus on a specific set of engagement results. We do protect the Rule of 5 with filters, so at least five responses must be available to see the data.

  1. Click the Add Filter button. In the title bar, the Add Filter button is available next to the label with the set of employees that you will be applying a filter to.
  2. Choose an attribute category. Select which category you want to filter the data by. Categories are listed alphabetically and search is available to help you find the category you are looking for.
  3. Choose an attribute value. Select the value that you want to filter the data by. This will only show responses for employees who are part of this segment. Values are listed alphabetically and search is available to help you find the value you are looking for.
  4. View results or add more filters. Once you have added an attribute value as a filter, the data will update on each tab in the Results section. You can review results or add more filters to further segment the data. Once the data has been filtered to five responses, no more filters can be applied to the data.
  5. Remove or change filters. You can remove filters by clicking the X next to the filter. You can change the value that is applied within a filter by clicking on the filter name and selecting a different attribute value.
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