Spheres of experience

Questions in the EngageSurvey are separated into four (4) "Spheres of Experience" based on the environments at work that influence employees: Work Experience, Leadership, Manager, and Coworkers. When employees take the EngageSurvey, a Sphere header is displayed before each set of Driver statements to guide them on what sphere they should think about as they respond.

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Sphere definitions and related drivers

Work Experience

The employee's work environment and organizational culture impact the engagement drivers in this sphere.


Related drivers:

  • Autonomy
  • Capacity
  • Goal Support
  • Meaning
  • Professional Development
  • Purpose
  • Rest
  • Role Clarity
  • Utilization

The employee's perception of top-level leadership impacts the engagement drivers in this sphere.


Related drivers:

  • Leadership Availability
  • Leadership Integrity
  • Fairness

The employee's relationship with their direct manager impacts the engagement drivers in this sphere.


Related drivers:

  • Feedback
  • Manager
  • Psychological Safety

The working relationships the employee has with their immediate coworkers impact the engagement drivers in this sphere.


Related drivers:

  • Shared Values
  • Coworker Relationships

See which Sphere a Driver is in while analyzing survey results

Once a survey is complete, you can access Driver reporting by navigating to Results > Drivers. A Driver's associated sphere is located in the "Sphere" column.


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