Focus areas in engagement surveys

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This article is no longer accurate and will be archived in Q3 2023. Please refer to our "Analyze Engagement results: Engagement Score and Drivers" article for updated information.

The 'Focus Areas' section shows the areas with the greatest impact on engagement. Focus Areas are available for the entire organization and each group. Using a combination of influence and score, drivers are intelligently selected as Strengths or Struggles. Focus Areas can be used to target issues and guide action efforts to improve engagement.

More data about your Focus Areas including the score and change since the last survey is listed in the Engagement Drivers table.



Strengths are positive scoring drivers for your organization or group. They are selected because they have positive scores and are influential to engagement.

These represent the elements that are going well and contributing to engagement. We recommend maintaining your efforts in these areas as employees see these as positive aspects of their work.


Struggles require the greatest focus. Drivers in the Struggles area are selected because they have negative scores and are influential to engagement. Sometimes a driver with a positive score may display as a Struggle. This is because this driver is very influential to engagement. Even though the score is positive, improvements to this area will likely have a greater impact on engagement.


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