September 2022 - 15Five releases

Group objective visibility

You can now opt to grant group members visibility into all group objectives by default. In the past, group members had to be granted visibility to group objectives manually. Released 9/26/22.

Help Center article💡: Group visibility for objectives

Ability to un-share/finalize review results

Review administrators, cycle collaborators, and a participant's manager can now undo the sharing and finalizing of a participant's reviews to allow editing prior to the cycle's end date. Released 9/12/22.

Help Center article💡: Undo shared and finalized reviews

Email domains updated from to

Last year, 15Five acquired engagement survey software company, Emplify, as our new Engagement tool. Since then, we've been taking steps towards fully embedding this new tool into 15Five's existing platform. As part of this process, we changed the email addresses from which Engagement-specific notifications are sent from to Released 9/8/22.

Help Center article💡: Add engage email and domains to your allowlist

Improved peer nomination experience for review admins and cycle collaborators

Review admins and cycle collaborators now have the option to filter by multiple people and/or groups on the peer nomination screen. This allows them to more easily nominate peers on behalf of specific groups or review cycle participants. Released 9/7/22.

Help Center article💡: Manage peer nominations for a review cycle participant

Employee ID as a unique identifier in SFTP

You can now use Employee ID, in addition to email, as employees’ unique identifiers when using SFTP. Released 9/7/22.

Help Center article💡: Manage data in 15Five using SFTP

iOS version 3.7.1

Improvements: Improved the logic of the “read” check-in dot in the Everyone's tab to be properly updated after navigating back to the screen. Improved the action bar user experience. Added a number of comments in the High Fives screen.
Fixes: Fixed spacing on navigation to High Five from push notification, loading of Check-ins data on Check-ins fill out view, displaying inactivate people being available to have 1-on-1s with, some crashes on the My team screen, and updating of Objectives' status on Check-ins fill out view. Released 9/2/22.

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Demo sandbox added to trials

When new admins begin a trial of 15Five, they will now see a 'Demo sandbox' link in the banner at the top of their account that opens a demo playground with mock user data. This makes it easier to test out 15Five's features and what they look like when data is present. Released 9/1/22.

"Additional manager" role now called "review viewer"

We renamed the "additional manager" role in Best-Self Review® cycles to "review viewer." Review viewers (previously called additional managers) are non-managers that have read-only permission to a participant's review results. Review viewers can be helpful in change management, dotted-line, and matrix scenarios.

This release is the first in a two-part release that will allow a person in addition to a review cycle participant's direct manager to write a manager review about them in a review cycle. Released 9/1/22.

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Ability to switch participants when viewing reviews

You will now see a search bar at the top of the page when viewing a person's review results. This search bar allows you to easily search for and navigate to another participant's review results.  Released 9/1/22.

Help Center article💡: Access a person's review results (coming soon!)

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