Create an engagement assessment poster

This article walks through how to download, edit, and save an informative poster for your upcoming engagement assessment. You can hang these posters around the office to inform your organization of engagement assessment details.

Create a custom engagement assessment poster

  1. Download the poster template here.
  2. Open the poster template for editing. Once the template is downloaded to your device, locate the template from your downloads and drag the file into your Google Chrome Browser. This will open the template as a tab inside of your Chrome window.
  3. Add in your Assessment details. To add your assessment details to the template, find the edit fields for "Launch Date," "Email and/or SMS - Notification type" and "End Date" on the template. (Tip: They will be highlighted) Type the appropriate details in the edit fields to match what you scheduled for the Engagement Survey. Once these fields are added, your poster will be ready to save and print!
  4. Save your poster. To save, locate the download icon at the top of the screen. From the menu, select "With your changes." Follow the saving dialogue instructions to fit your needs.
  5. Print your poster. To print, locate the print icon at the top of the screen. Follow the printing dialogue instructions to fit your needs.

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