Mid-September 2022 - Global Viewer Visibility Changes

Global Viewer Visibility Changes 

Global Viewers within the 15Five platform previously could only see Check-ins (including past, current, and future) of every individual within their company, see any objectives that are set to 15Five permissions, pull all company data in custom reports, and view all dashboard metrics. Global viewers could not previously see individual’s 1-on-1s or any items marked private. Going forward, 15Five will be amending the “Global Viewer” permission to allow visibility into all data including all content within 1-on-1s and all private markers will be discontinued, effective 09/14/2022.

This “Global Viewer” visibility permission can only be enabled if the current administrator or account owner of the 15Five platform sends an email to support@15five.com with their request that “Global Viewer” visibility permissions be added to their company’s account. If you are seeking to make such a request, please make sure to include the following information in your email request:

  • The email addresses associated with the 15Five users (along with their titles/roles) that require “Global Viewer” permissions.
  • The reason for the request.
  • Any other pertinent information related to the request.

Please note

  • 15Five reserves the right to approve or deny any such requests at its discretion.
  • These Product Changes supersede all prior documentation/processes related to private data visibility within the 15Five platform.
  • This change does not include or affect any data or visibility permissions within the Engage or Transform offerings.
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