October 2022 - 15Five releases

Emplify is now officially Engage, part of the 15five family!

We know, it’s been a long time coming. While we were focusing on incorporating the Emplify product and DNA into our overall platform and organization, we let some branding updates temporarily take a back seat. We’re excited to announce that this work is complete, and Emplify is now officially Engage!

A few specific things to note:

  • Our favicon and product iconography has been updated to 15five
  • "Emplify Score" is now called "Engagement Score"
  • The product will now be referred to as Engage, rather than Emplify
  • The application URL will be updated to engage.15five.com over the weekend of Oct 29-30
    We suggest updating your bookmarks, although we have redirects in place!
  • Starting on Oct 31, survey takers will be directed to surveys.15five.com
  • All email messages are now being sent from the 15five.com domain, and their branding has been updated to reflect that of 15five
  • The Emplify Help Center will be retired shortly. All articles and links have already been consolidated within the 15Five Help Center

Help Center article 💡: Add Engage emails and domains to your allowlist

Ability for multiple people to write a manager review about a review cycle participant

It's now possible to add up to five "additional managers" to write manager reviews about a single review cycle participant. Released 10/24/22.

Help Center article 💡: Add an additional manager for a participant
Help Center article 💡: What to expect: I'm an additional manager

Android version 2.12

Improvements: You no longer need to use the tabs or swipe to the left in order to get to the next section when filling out your Check-in. Instead, you can simply scroll down the page to navigate through the sections and submit your Check-in even faster. The same experience will be coming soon for reviewing Check-ins!
Fixes: Fixed a bug that caused some sections of Check-ins to be visible even though they should be hidden according to company settings. Fixed duplicated “due date” label that appeared for users filling out their Check-in. Resolved some issues that caused app crashes. Released 10/21/22.

Help Center article💡: Download the 15Five Android app

Limited release: new reporter landing page

15Five users that are not account admins or managers will now see a new landing page when logging into 15Five that consolidates to-do tasks, quick actions, and Best-Self Review® and objective progress (if applicable). This new design makes it easier for you to manage your workflow and priorities in 15Five. The landing pages for account admins and managers have been updated in previous releases. Released 10/21/22.

Setup Guide to help new accounts set up 15Five

When new companies launch 15Five, their account admins will now have access to a Setup Guide that walks them through how to set up the company account, as well as guidance to set up each feature included in their plan. Also included are additional resources, such as a link to live trainings and a rollout video series that walks through account setup. Released 10/20/22.

Help Center article 💡: Use the 15Five Setup Guide

Global toggle for employee identifier

We added a global "Employee identifier" toggle to company settings (in-app link). Here, account admins can select whether they want to use email address or employee ID as the unique identifier for 15Five users in their organization. The option selected here is used as the default setting for all imports/export methods including: CSV, SFTP, and HRIS integrations.  Released 10/20/22.

Help Center article 💡: Overview: Company settings

Use employee ID as the unique identifier in HRIS integrations

Account admins in companies that use an HRIS integration to manage people in 15Five now have the option to use employee ID, rather than email address, to identify users during uploads. This option is managed in company settings (in-app link). Released 10/20/22.

Help Center article 💡: Overview: Company settings

"Anything else to add?" question added to Check-ins

We added a new question to all Check-ins. The “Anything else to add” question provides employees with the opportunity to surface questions, issues, or other subjects that are important but were not specifically asked in other sections of the Check-in. If desired, account admins can disable this question in Check-in feature settings. Released 10/13/22.

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Mark employees as "high potential"

HR admins can now identify high potential employees using a hidden attribute in the employees profile. This attribute can only be seen and managed by HR admins. Released 10/13/22.

Help Center article 💡: Mark an employee as high potential

Admins can now schedule coaching sessions

Engagement and Organization admins can now HR admins can now schedule coaching sessions. Released 10/13/22.

Help Center article 💡: Manage coaching sessions for your organization

"Growth & Development" section now optional for all review types

In March, we made the "Growth & Development" section optional in self/manager question templates for Best-Self Review®. Today, we made this section optional for peer and upward reviews as well. Released 10/11/22.

Help Center article 💡: Create or clone a question template

Extend a review cycle after it has ended

In the past, the only way to change the end date of an ended review cycle was to reach out to 15Five's Support Team. Now, review admins and cycle collaborators have the ability to extend a review cycle themselves in-app. Released 10/7/22.

Help Center article💡: Extend a review cycle

Exclude specific group members from a calibration session

When including groups in calibration sessions, review admins now have the ability to exclude specific group members. This change should save review admins from wasting hours on group-creation gymnastics to get the people they want in a calibration session. Released 10/6/22.

Help Center article💡: Create a calibration session

iOS version 3.8.0

Improvements: We simplified the login experience so customers no longer have to worry about whether or not their company uses SSO or what their domain is— we'll direct you to the correct screen once you type in your email address. We also revamped the commenting screen.

Fixes: Improved stability and performance of the application. Resolved some old crashes related to the 'My Team' page. Fixed an “Invalid token” error that occurred upon opening the Best-Self Review® tab. Fixed a Priorities push notification that opened the wrong screen. Released 10/6/22.

Help Center article💡: Download the 15Five iOS app

Appoint upward reviewers for an upcoming review cycle

Review admins and cycle collaborators can now add upward reviewers for a review cycle participant in an upcoming review cycle. This product change aims to improve the admin experience for Best-Self Review® cycles by allowing those in administrative roles to set up review cycle participant prior to launching the cycle. Released 10/3/22.

Help Center article💡: Edit individual settings for a participant

Set a default company-wide Check-in frequency

With this release, account admins can set a default company-wide Check-in frequency (either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). The company-wide Check-in frequency will be applied to everyone in your company except those that have a custom Check-in frequency based on either group or individual settings. Released 10/3/22.

Help Center article💡: Change the frequency of Check-ins

Set default Check-in frequencies for groups

It's now possible to set a default Check-in frequency for groups in your organization! If you don't want a group member to have the same Check-in frequency as the group, we also made it possible to set a custom Check-in frequency for them in their individual account settings. This was originally released to a limited audience in August, but is now available to all 15Five customers. Released 10/3/22.

Help Center article💡: Change the frequency of Check-ins

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