How do I give a High Five?

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The power of peer recognition shouldn't be underestimated. High Fives are a great tool that allows employees to show each other appreciation whenever they do something awesome. 

There are two ways to give a High Five in 15Five. 

  1. Give a High Five in your current 15Five.  The option to give a High Five will be included in the last section of your 15Five. This High Five will be sent once the 15Five is submitted.

  2. Give a High Five in Real Time.  Click on the tab High Fives to give a High Five in real time! 
    • High Fives given from the dashboard will be Public.
    • Private High Fives are not available to be given from the dashboard and can only be given directly on a user's reports.
    • Once a High Five is given, an email is sent notifying the recipient and the High Five is pushed down into the feed on the Dashboard. The most recent High Fives are visible at the top of the feed.
    • If you give a High Five from the dashboard it will appear in your current 15Five in a read-only format. When your 15Five is submitted, only High Fives you give within your 15Five will notify recipients (as they were already notified in real-time from the Dashboard).

High Fives given from the feed are public only. 

How do I give a private High Five?

  • When you give a Private High Five, the person you High Fived will be notified by email and can add a comment or like the High Five. Neither your Reviewer, nor anyone else using 15Five, can see the Private High Five you gave. It’s between you and the person receiving the High Five.
  • You can only give a Private High Five to one person at a time. Private High Fives are not available for group High Fives or multi-person High Fives.
  • Private High Fives do not appear on the High Five Dashboard feed but they do count towards your tally displayed on the dashboard
  • Private High Fives will not be shared to public Slack channels
  • Private High Fives are not available on iOS as yet. This will happen in an upcoming release. The date is yet to be determined.

Sometimes the people that contribute to the success of a business might not work directly in your office, so 15Five has created a way for you to send them a High Five.  All you need is their email address, and 15Five will send them a High Five on your behalf.

How do I send an external High Five?

There are 2 ways to High Five:

  1. You can go to the High Five Dashboard.
  2. You can go to your current open report.

When you want to send someone outside of your team a High Five, just enter in their email address and your comments.  Your High Five to them will look like this:

How do I delete a High Five?

If you made a mistake giving a High Five you can delete it or edit it from your High Five Feed.

If you are not seeing this access, you can pull up your administrators here or reach out to

How do I run a custom report on High Fives?

If you want to run a report on your own High Fives to get a list of all the High Fives you have received over a course of time, you can do a Custom Report. 

  1. Click on tab Reporting
  2. Click on Custom Reports
  3. Select High Fives and then select who to pull the report for

Give a High-Five in Slack

You can give a High Five right while you are in Slack.  Just click on any channel and type the command:  /highfive

Special Note:  For people who installed the Slack integration prior to February 14th, 2018, you will need to resinstall Slack. You will end up with two 15Five apps integrated with Slack. The workaround for this are shown below:

To enable the Slack /highfive command:

1. Go to

2. Remove the 15Five app

3. Go to

4. Click "Disable Slack"

5. Click "Add Slack" and confirm the permissions.

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