Build your core implementation team

As your organization rolls out 15Five, it's helpful to identify a small group of stakeholders to help set up and customize your account: your core implementation team. These people will work together to ensure that settings and features are configured in a way that sets your organization up for success through roll-out and beyond. They'll also help announce 15Five to your team and add people to the platform.

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Core implementation team responsibilities

The basic responsibilities of the core implementation team include:

  • Determining your company’s goals with 15Five,
  • Configuring company settings,
  • Configuring, enabling, and disabling core features,
  • Communicating 15Five to your team,
  • Adding employees to 15Five, and
  • Setting up integrations.

Who to include in your core implementation team

The core implementation team typically consists of 1-3 people from the HR team or adjacent teams who will oversee the implementation. Representatives from the following groups may be included in your core implementation team:

  1. HR Business Partners or HRIS specialists who oversee the project and technical components,
  2. An HR Leader who oversees the strategy,
  3. An Operations or Strategy team that may be involved with OKRs or other strategic pieces of the 15Five rollout, and
  4. An IT Team member for integrations or anything technical in nature.

Employees in groups 1-3 above will be responsible for configuring settings and making sure the platform is ready to launch. Group 2 is there to ensure this strategy aligns with the business strategy and to get executive buy-in, and Group 4 is mostly “on-call” to set up any integrations or troubleshoot employee data.

Invite your core implementation team

Follow the steps below to add members of your implementation team to 15Five manually, either one-off or in bulk.



Even if you plan to use an integration to add company users to 15Five, we suggest adding your core implementation team using one of the methods laid out below. As long as an employee's identifier (email or employee ID) in 15Five matches that information in your HRIS or IdP, the data from the integration will successfully map to their profile in 15Five once enabled.

One-off Via bulk import
  1. Click the 'Settings' gear in the top right-hand corner of 15Five.
  2. Select 'People' from the dropdown menu to open the 'Manage people' page.
  3. Click Add a person in the top, right-hand corner of the page.
  4. Use the form to fill in details for the individual you want to add to 15Five. The only required fields are 'First name', 'Last name', and 'Email'.
  5. Make sure the 'Start date' field is set to today's date, or empty.
  6. In the 'Permissions' section, check the box next to "Account administrator" to ensure that the person you're adding has the proper permissions to manage company settings.
  7. Make sure the 'Send invite email' box is checked.
  8. Confirm user settings, then click Save or Save and add another.

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