Use 'Start date' to delay new invite(s)

If you've wanted to get ahead of the game by inviting new employees before they actually start with your company or if you want to invite a bunch of people to 15Five but aren't ready for them to log in yet, this article is for you. The 'Start date' field in 15Five allows for account administrators or reviewers to add people at anytime, but delay the invitation to join 15Five. If the start date field is left empty, the invite(s) will be sent immediately and those people can sign into 15Five right away. Start dates are also helpful to eliminate missed or late Check-ins due to the person not being ready to jump into 15Five.

When people log into 15Five for the first time after being invited, they will see an onboarding walkthrough outlining the components of the Check-in. To get a preview of the onboarding walkthroughs, click here. The onboarding walkthrough will vary slightly for reporters, reviewers, and account creators. To see screenshots of these guides, check out this article.



If you would like the invite to be sent out the same day the person is invited, leave the 'start date' field blank. Leaving the field blank will trigger an invite email immediately. 



If your company is using SCIM or BambooHR, the start date field can be managed through that integration. See the BambooHR or SCIM article that pertains to your company.

How do I invite people today, but send the invites later?

1. Add the person(s) to 15Five using one of the two methods: Invite from 'Manage people' or invite through 'Bulk import'.

2. While adding the person(s), be sure to include their start date(s). Start date= the day you want them to be able to log into 15Five. This date does not have to be their start date with the company. The start date is solely used by 15Five to trigger the invite email. If you do not include a start date, the invite will be sent immediately and access to 15Five will be available immediately. 


3. After saving the details, importing the bulk CSV, or completing the new person's profile, the person(s) will appear in pending invitations


4. The invitation to join 15Five will be sent out at 8:00am on the start date in the invited person's time zone.

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Troubleshooting, Support, and FAQs

Q: Can I update the 15Five start dates?

A: You can update the start date until the start date; afterwards, the person will already be sent the invitation and will be able to sign into 15Five.

Once you add a start date you cannot remove it. You can update it, but it still must be a date in the future.

Q: What if I already added someone into 15Five but they havenโ€™t signed in yet, can I add in a 15Five start date?

A: At this time, no; start dates can only be added for new people who have not already been added to 15Five and regardless of whether they have signed in or not.

Q: Once I input a 15Five start date and add someone, where can I find that date in 15Five?

A: The start date will display on the profile page. In addition, if you export your people, as long as one person has a start date - that CSV will have a column for 'Start date'.

Q: How do I enable this with BambooHR?

A: Use the checkbox within the BambooHR integration page in 15Five (default unchecked) to use the hireDate in BambooHR as the start date in 15Five.

Q: How do I enable this from a SCIM perspective?

A: For SCIM, all of the functionality will live in the IDP; the attribute to use is startDate.

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