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We're excited to announce the addition of content from Featured Luminaries— thought leaders who defined their categories— to our on-demand Transform course catalog! In this article, you will learn what luminary content is and how to access it as a Manager or Account admin.

Access and Availability

On-demand luminary content is available to managers at companies on our Transform and Transform Accelerator pricing packages. To learn more about 15Five Transform, check out our Transform overview article.

What is luminary content?

Luminary content is on-demand manager enablement course content created by thought leaders in the fields of leadership, management, and people skills. With luminary content, your managers can learn from experts like Marshall Goldsmith, Michael Roberto, Ellen Burts-CooperJason PatentAnn Herrmann-NehdiDebbye Turner Bell, and more— all without leaving 15Five.

15Five has selected and curated the best content to create tracks that focus on teaching the best practices, reflections, and frameworks that help managers increase their effectiveness and improve performance, retention, and engagement on their teams.

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Each curated luminary content track is designed to complement 15Five’s in-house expert-led training and coaching and consists of a series of courses that are aligned with 15Five’s manager competencies:

  • Demonstrating Business Acumen: Analyze complex situations, anticipate future trends and possibilities, and develop plans that take into account various factors and contingencies across a business environment.
  • Setting Goals: Prioritize work and define measurable objectives that an individual or organization wants to achieve. Identify the desired outcome or results and develop a plan to reach that goal.
  • Enabling Productivity: Create an environment or provide resources and tools that allow individuals to work efficiently and effectively toward achieving their goals. Identify the factors that may hinder productivity and find ways to eliminate or mitigate them.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback: Provide or get information about performance, behavior, or actions with the intention of improvement or the continuation of doing something well.
  • Influencing Others: Affects people's beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Have an awareness of people, their values, and needs, and use this knowledge as a means to drive organizational impact.
  • Supporting Career Growth: Help individuals to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to achieve their career goals. Mentor, train, coach, and provide opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Building Strong Teams: Foster their team to work well together, be committed to a common purpose, and achieve their goals efficiently and effectively together.
  • Developing Yourself: Stay organized, focused, and productive while also managing their teams effectively.

These collections of short-form lessons highlight key practices, reflections, and frameworks to help managers achieve business outcomes through leadership of their teams while flourishing in their roles.

How to access luminary content

If your organization has purchased our Transform or Transform Accelerator pricing packages...

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