May 2024 - 15Five Releases

New Transform Course Collection: Conflict Resolution with Irma Tyler-Wood

Managers with Transform seats now have access to a new on-demand Luminary course.

Release date: May 20th, 2024
Plan availability:
Transform and Transform Accelerator

Now available in our Luminary library, Harvard negotiation expert Irma Tyler-Wood teaches the foundations and practices that lead to successful conflict resolution. She is the author of the book "Expand the Pie: How to Create More Value in Any Negotiation" and has served as the Assistant Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project. Tyler-Wood has also advised and trained corporate and government clients in implementing major change initiatives, resolving complex multi-party disputes, and repairing strategic business relationships.


There are 3 new courses in this latest luminary collection:

  • Course 1: Understanding & Reframing Conflict
    • Reaping the Benefits of Conflict
    • Managing Conflict & Change
    • Getting to the Heart of a Conflict
    • Separating Intent and Impact
  • Course 2: Practices for Managing Communication & Emotions In Conflict
    • Managing Emotions During Conflict
    • Managing Communication During Conflict
  • Course 3: Processes for Resolving and Mediating Conflict
    • Getting Quality Resolutions from Conflict
    • Mediating Effectively
    • Bringing in a Neutral Mediator

Participants will also receive a downloadable takeaway sheet designed to support knowledge retention and help managers take action using what they've learned.

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Access Manager Copilot in 15Five's main navigation

Copilot is now accessible in managers' main navigation, making it easy to get feedback on all topics relevant to manager effectiveness.

Release date: May 14th, 2024
Plan availability:
Transform and Transform Accelerator

Managers who are assigned Transform seats can now easily access Manager Copilot in their main navigation. Copilot's open-chat functionality supports managers by providing answers to all topics relevant to their effectiveness.


When accessing Copilot from your main navigation, you can receive recommended smart prompts, based on the page in 15Five you're on— when you need a quick place to start the conversation. You can also craft your own questions and ask for recommendations on what to do to meet the challenges you're facing with your team.

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New Microlearning course: Leading with Self-Awareness

You can now schedule performance reviews to repeat on an annual cadence.

Release date: May 8th, 2024
Plan availability:
Total Platform

Self-awareness is a foundational leadership skill. Managers who are self-aware are more likely to make well-informed and objective decisions. They also have clear insight into their strengths and weaknesses, enhancing their ability to adapt and grow.

In this microlearning, managers will learn tools to more accurately identify their emotions and isolate their behaviors. These practices will help you uncover blind spots, make values-aligned decisions, and give and receive feedback more effectively.

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Early Adopter Release: HR Outcomes Dashboard 2.0

15Five's new and improved HR Outcomes Dashboard helps leaders measure impact, get insights, and rally managers to take action— all in one place.

Release date: May 7th, 2024
HR Outcomes Dashboard
Plan availability:
Total Platform

Our new HR Outcomes Dashboard serves as HR’s strategic command center by providing everything you need to measure, analyze, and act on the data that matters most to the C-suite. Using responsive AI, the improved Dashboard surfaces tailored recommendations for actions based on your organization's data.


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Annual Option for Recurring Performance Reviews

You can now schedule performance reviews to repeat on an annual cadence.

Release date: May 1st, 2024
Best-Self Review®
Plan availability:
Perform and Total Platform

As Review admins create a review cycle, they'll now see the option to schedule it to repeat on an annual cadence. Repeated reviews will not launch automatically— an email will be sent to Review admins a week before the cycle's start date asking them to confirm the cycle.


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