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Objectives should be flexible enough so people can freely adjust, revise, or even abandon what they’re doing as their work evolves and as priorities change. Research from Kuvass, Buch & Dysvik, all academics in the field of organizational psychology, demonstrated a link between lower work performance and people seeing their goals as unmovable and non-negotiable. That being said, if you need to make a change to your objective, including objective owner, objective type, adding in another key result, etc, you can do that by editing the objective.

If you are an account administrator, the objective owner, or the objective owner's manager (if your company has this enabled), you can edit the objective by default. For additional permissions around managing objectives, see this article.

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Edit an objective

1. Click on Objectives from the left navigation.


2. You will land on the 'All objectives' page.


3. Click on the objective you wish to edit.


4. Click on the gear icon. 


5. Select Edit objective.


6. Edit the necessary objective details.

If you are looking to edit a key result, see this article.

7. Save the objective updates by clicking the Create objective button. 




You must either be the owner of the objective, an account administrator, the reviewer of the objective's owner, or have permission from the owner in order to edit. For more information on who can edit an objective, see this article.



If you are trying to edit the dates of an aligned objective, the dates must coincide with the parent or child objectives. You can either expand the parent objective dates to allow child objective date changes (great if you are looking to extend an objective from 6 months to a year), or you can clone the parent objective and start with completely new dates (great if you are wanting to start fresh with completely new dates).

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