Create, schedule, and end a 1-on-1

15Five's 1-on-1 feature is designed to help you get the most out of your meetings. Using our guided structure, it’s easier to focus on priorities, challenges, and progress so everyone’s aligned, motivated, and engaged.

In this article, you will learn how to...

  • Create a 1-on-1 agenda
  • Schedule a one-time or recurring 1-on-1 meeting
  • End a 1-on-1 meeting

Access and availability

⛔️ Required access to 1-on-1s.
👥 This article is relevant to all roles.
📦 This feature is available in the Perform, Total Platform, and Focus (legacy) pricing packages.

Create Schedule End

This section walks through how to create a new 1-on-1 agenda with someone.

  1. Click 1-on-1s in 15Five's main, left-hand navigation bar.
  2. You'll land on your 'My 1-on-1s' page. From here, click the Create a new 1-on-1 button in the top, right-hand corner of the page.
  3. A 'Create a new 1-on-1 agenda' pop-up will appear. Click into the search bar and begin typing the name of the person you want to create a new 1-on-1 agenda with.


    If you don't see the option to create a 1-on-1 with someone who isn't either your direct manager or your direct report, your company doesn't have 1-on-1s with anyone enabled. If desired, reach out to one of your account admins to request that they enable this feature.

  4. Click Create a new 1-on-1.
  5. You will be automatically redirected to the 1-on-1 agenda wizard. Here, you'll see talking point resources to help you craft your first 1-on-1 agenda with this person. Utilize these resources, or click Start crafting my 1-on-1 to create a 1-on-1 agenda from scratch.
    For more information on crafting your 1-on-1, check out our Use the 1-on-1 agenda and Add talking points to my 1-on-1 articles.

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